Is anyone else completely alone?

It’s been 102 days since my boyfriend died suddenly, and I’ve only just been able to say “My boyfriend died”. There is no way to behave, you have to do whatever you feel you need to. In the early weeks I would cry anywhere and everywhere, people should understand and if they don’t then that’s their issue. We are all going through a really big deal here, it’s not something to be trivialised, so look after number one.


I joined when I suppose I needed to talk to someone especially somebody who understood. People really do understand because they have lost someone and are in this strange, unwanted reality.

There is no right or wrong ways to grieve.

Crying and nothing coming out happens to so many people.

You have started by telling us about your girlfriend, your dogs.

In your own time and in your own way.

Take care,


I read something today:

How can you truly know what it’s like to be alone until you have felt complete?


that is beautiful and so true x

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