Is there a afterlife?

Wish I could believe there is a afterlife!!

Hi anette,been wondering how you have been doing have been worried about as haven’t seen you on the site ? I’m sure there must be an afterlife,as too many things have happened to other people, I have put the rest of Dawns ashes in the garden,as having the grave so that I can be closer to her,but just waiting for a sighn to let me know she agrees wiyh this .I’m sure will get some sort of sign soon love Maddie x

Hello Annette12
Firstly my deepest condolences for your loss, my husband died in February 2016. I can only speak about my own experience in reply to your question of your thread, within an hour of my husband death I felt his energy around me. I felt his fingers through my hair his lips on mine and him cuddling me at night I have had previous experience of a similar nature when I lost a friend but none so intense. As I understand it the afterlife or spiritworld heaven whatever you wish to call it exists around us but on a different vibration/dimension. I’m still researching all of the this so I don’t have all the answers but I know what I know something of us survives consciousness the soul. My daughter was a complete non believer I think she thought I was a totally mad with grief she admits that she really wasn’t sure what was going on, his phone rang with a dead battery and diconnected from any network with no record of a call, lights going off, smoke alarm went off with no battery in it, all an attempt I think to get our attention she was still in two minds and then he suddenly appeared to her only for a few minutes but she saw him. I must admit I was somewhat jealous but relieved also as it was a great comfort to her. Now I don’t know why some people are able to experience these things and some aren’t but you could try going to your local spiritualist church they usually have a medium demonstration at the end of there services it’s free and you may get a message from your loved one plus you will get a reputable medium rather than some skam artist the spirtulist mission statement is all about providing evidence about life after death. I hope this helps. xx

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Hi Maddie .I am not too good at the moment thanks for your concern.I am feeling a bit withdrawn of late .that’s why I haven’t been active on the site.I have some guilt in myself regarding whether I have done things right these are in relation to my darlings funeral.I had her buried on the isle of wight.I myself do not believe in cremation.nor did my sharryn.but I don’t really hundred percent know for sharryn and I never discussed it.I think she thought she would get better .my poor darling.I have bought her a outdoor large Buddha for her resting place.I am going over to see her in a couple of weeks.although I don’t know if it is abnormal but every time I visit her its very hard and heart rending.but feel the urge to visit her as often as granddaughter Gabriella comes with me.kindest regards and a bear are you tolerating things?I wanted to walk in front of a car the other day.sometimes I feel that this can’t be

Thanks for your message beloved daughter was this star sign.I have not had any spiritual signs.I know a lot on here have though.I keep trying to find the reason why.I have thought about a medium reading.but not sure if they are genuinely is something to think about.I keep grasping at straws.trying to find this elusive answer so so sorry to hear the loss of your husband.I am not married its just granddaughter Gabriella and me.we have no other family.hugs to you.annettexxx.

Hi Annette,nice to hear from you again I have been worried about you. please do not do anything stupid I know exactly like you feel I have hit the bottle big time and it numbs it for a while,my doctor is very concerned and about me and always ask me how much I am drinking and I lie as I just do not care . we have just come back from cornwall fo few days away and tell you the truth I cried all the way down and most of the way back as we put Dawns ashes in the garden just befor we went away and was treading seeing them again. tou say Sharryn is buried ion the iow why did you this?do you live in Hampshire? I live near Southampton I know I should not ask this but if you want to meet up I would love to see you ,as I know exacyly how you feel as know one else seems to know how I feel so pehaps we could help one another. love Maddie 49

Yes, ive had lots of signs from my wife in the first 4 weeks after her passing. unexplainable signs. It has gone quiet now over the last few weeks. …John

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Hi Maddie.sorry for not telling sooner.I am going to visit my the lsle ofwight.I try to visit her as often as possible.its abit of a harrowing ordeal for me.I am going alone my granddaughter cannot come this time because of her work.the story behind her being buried is a bit of a protracted story so will try and condense it.firstly my darling hated living here in Portsmouth.I tried with the help of the funeral directors to get her buried inireland which I think she would have wanted. But it was too I had to think of another option.which of course is the isle of wight.and also is closer for me to visit her.I would like very much to meet up one day.hoping you are keeping well.well as doesn’t get any better at all for sometimes feels surreal.I am very very angry with god.lots of hugs

Dear Annette 12 I am so sorry for your loss. I do believe in the afterlife. I and my daughter have always been spiritual and my husband was freakedby it although when he passed suddenly in January he came through really quick and a Medium said to my son he must have loved us very much because loved ones do not normally come through so quickly. The Medium told my son things only he would now and at the end she hugged my son, kissed him on the top of the head and shook his hand and said alright son which is exactly what his dad did when they met up. His lights have gone on and off and I have heard noises and I can just feel him around me. My daughter is the same. One of her blinds moves when there is no air at all which thinking about it happened in our house. I have found spiritual sites on Facebook which have helped because you use your own intution. They dont ask for money it is trying to help and they also offer readings free of charge if they are drawn to your photo. Everyone is different though so I would not wish to push my beliefs onto you. I hope it gets easier for you and if ever you want a chat please pm me. Big hugs x

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Hello Annette,Ihope you didn’t have a too harrowing day visiting sharryn at least you had a lovely day for it that helps a little bit. We also went to Dawns grave again today,we visit about 3times a week, but most of Dawns ashes are in the garden so we can sit and talk to her. Why didn’t Sharryn like Portsmouth? we prefere it to Southampton.I would love to meet up with you one day as I only live chandlersford,just let me know when you are ready. I find I find I have two faces at the moment one when we go out with friends and meet other people and try and be happy as not to depress them,then the other face when Iam by myself the true me, full of sadness and heartache.I keep reverting back to this time last year when we were suppose to be going to Florida with Dawn we wanted to cancel but she insisted we go,we rang her every day in hospital We went straight in to see her as soon as we got back,and she was waiting for us sat in her wheelchair she looked awfull but she was happy,as thery were transferring to rehab just up the road and she would have her own room so all the memories of last year are hurting so much,I know you will be feeling the same .I am absoluley dreading her birthday in july. Have you been through this yet? hugs to you Maddie x

Hi Maddie yes .yesterday was terribly distressing for me.I tidied up her grave whilst in was wonderfully sunny.but in a way the good weather makes me feel worse.I have regressed a bit lately.sometimes feel I can’t endure this loss and pain.have been in Portsmouth today.and was remembering when we were both out together in the city. Subsequently had to return home because of my sadness and pain.feeling that overwhelming grief again.which I have no doubt you experience Maddie.oh dear how are we going to ever be right.I don’t think we ever will.I feel tearful again.I have experienced her birthday in January she would have been forty seven.she hated Portsmouth .because her heart was in Ireland Maddie.she also had a boyfriend in Ireland.we had real plans to move back to Ireland when she got better.8 don’t think she really knew how I’ll she was Maddie.or maybe she my darling girl was too afraid to.I’m afraid I just have the one face.full of misery anger and profound heart pain.but I am very thankful to be able to chat on here.big hugs to you

There is no afterlife this life is all we have that’s why its so important to live it to the full, our personality is our brain if there was a soul then personality changes etc wouldn’t occur after brain injury, be thankful for the time you had with your loved one be at peace they do not suffer as there is no heaven or hell, that’s a control mechanism a carrot and stick used by religion to keep people in tow, your loved one lives in your heart and moves on in your actions and DNA. Anecdotal and personal revelations are not evidence of an afterlife no matter how sincere they maybe.There’s no need for guilt or stress just keep treading water til it gets easier.

Hi Adey67 You have every right to your opinion and what you believe. I think the using of heaven and hell is to try and keep people in tow but I honestly believe in spirits and that’s why it is a free world because we have got our own minds and have our own views. I’d be lost without being spiritual and thank you for your thoughts

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I’m a little confused as I thought I was replying to someone who said they wished they could believe in an afterlife my post was supposed to be an encouragement that if you don’t believe in the supernatural you don’t need to feel bad about not believing in deities spirits etc, I’m not sure if I responded to the wrong post but now I can’t find the reference anywhere. Each to their own I guess, if belief in the supernatural helps a person get through then ok, personally I find it a huge comfort not believing in stuff like that, being an atheist has helped me enormously in coping with the death of my Dad one year ago.

Yes you were replying to Annette but people can reply to other comments made as well

You misunderstand me I’m confused because I cannot find the phrase in Annettes post that i thought I was replying to.

Oh I see, sorry. If you go back to the list at the beginning in the community you should see it titled there

No worries its the first anniversary of my dads passing today so I’m probably not as on the ball as I should be. Thanks for the heads up I’ll check it out. :slight_smile:

No worries. Sorry about your dad. My hubbie passed over in January and I don’t know how I’m going to get through his anniversary

January, that’s rough :frowning: would staying with family or friends help or make it worse ?