Is there an afterlife? Signs

No, I’m from shropshire. Probably about 3 hours away :rofl:

I got told off few years back on Slimming World so won’t go back there again.
I guess it is sensitive views about things. However, I don’t want to die although I cry every day because I miss him after nearly fifty years married.
Life has always been tough for me.
But don’t get that bad.
I guess when my baby was stillborn that awful physical pain. Worried for safety of my son who double his size. I am 78 now and my hubby was nearly 77 when he died six months ago.
I am struggling today still weak after covid booster jab. But hopelessly slow anyway. My sons criticises me. I can’t help how I am. But they grieving. Got summer clothes out
Look frumpy. Got washing machine on.
Sounds daft took me ages to get it to work
Arthritic fingers.
My son said all these things shouldn’t do so said well do what I can and do best with what I have got. Sorted gas out yet again put my husband’s name on it.
Fed up with telling everyone and don’t bother to change it
Saw a robin up churchyard. Got upset his grave looked a mess. Tried to put a rose from our garden in a pot. My son said got to get bonemeal. If he had been cremated would have had a lot.
If it doesn’t flower I will try to get some
I guess. Trying to think what wording to put on headstone


Hi. Can you private message me please

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My cats have definitely been more clingy and affectionate

Im still obsessed with finding more evidance of an after life dont feel i can ever move on at all can anyone who.has seen a reputable clairvoyant and have had good readings let us know .plz There is a lot who.only do telaphone readings which im not sure how that would work tbh thanks .

I could send you the details for the one I so, she’s brilliant but she only does it by telephone or through video call. She did ring me the day after booking my reading though and was already picking up my family members which was strange.
I think they know when you’re speaking to the medium.

Hi jess 1 that would be good .I do wonder how they can get vibes from not seeing you but it seems like she gave you a good reading .Has it convinced you of an after life more so now xxx

Yes but I’m still very confused about it in all honesty but that comes with everyone having different beliefs. I’m now going through a spiritual awakening apparently. So I do believe I’m learning certain things.

She told me things that went on during my childhood that only me and my mum would know.

She got pretty much every name right and if she got a name I didn’t recognise it was later confirmed to be past family members by my Grandma.

My other halves grandad came through as well, asking to say he said hiya to his mum and gran, now that was quite something haha their actual names popped up, like how can you get 2 names at once and them both be right?

I don’t think it’s a vibe thing in all honesty, I just think some mediums are a lot better than others but it’s probably down to experience.

The medium I went to comes highly recommended. She rang me before my reading cause I told her I was nervous as I was all new to it.

She said to me that she will try her best to get my Mum through :flushed: I never even told her who I was trying to contact.

I asked how she knew and she said I had told her. We went through our conversation on messenger and I never even mentioned anyone passing, I simply told her I needed evidence of the afterlife. And even she said how weird lol

She was even giving me little bits during our conversation before the initial reading!

I usually don’t like talking on the phone to people I don’t know never mind being on video call to them, but with her I felt comfortable.

She does have a waiting list and told me it was around 3 months long, but she also has a short notice cancellation list, I was put on both.

She told me the day after putting me on the lists that a cancellation had came for the following week so of course I snapped it up.

I questioned how fast I got the appointment and she said she felt compelled to place me on the top of the cancellation list for some reason but I was making myself ill constantly looking for answers I was never going to get.

Another thing my mum told the medium about, she was on camera and said your mum says you keep doing this and she was tapping her fingers on her hand as if to mimic texting on a mobile and she said that I’d read something then move onto the next thing and it was mashing all together which is also very true lol

Hi, are you ok?

Well she seems good and she has a waiting list so thats impressive .Since my oh died i just have this need to know i can just about make it through if i know that when your dead its not the end .I dont have a strong faith so thats not helping but i wonder mire and more what this life is all about because there is so much pain and heart ache xxx

I’ve got two readings next week. My main one is on the Wednesday, I paid quite a lot for that one because she has a five year waiting list and I paid for an express reading so I’m hoping she is really good. On the Thursday I have a reading with a much more reasonably priced medium. I’ll let you know how they go. I really wanted to compare the two and see if they both say the same things. Knowing my OH he’d tell me to bugger off the second day :rofl:
I keep swaying between believing and not believing, then I ask myself does it even matter because we’ve still got to get through the rest of our earthly lives without our loved ones. It could be decades before we see them again and if I knew for sure he was there waiting Id be desperate to join him now. Why wait? Then I think if you chose to leave this world before your time would you be punished on the other side? For someone who has never believed in anything after death I have so many questions :tired_face:

I’m sorry, I’ve only just seen your reply. Am still getting used to using the forum. This is really helpful, thank you so much. :hugs:

Sallyanne has deleted her account now guys, but I have her details if anyone wants to keep in contact with her, obviously I’ll private message you x


Hi Jess if you could plz

@PollyjaneW hi just reading the post on the afterlife. You said maybe you were looking too hard. Have you had anything yet? I have had a few things happen. And I always have a robin come see me when I am particularly low. My tv had lines on it. My Alexa turns itself off. Especially if it’s after one of his songs. Today, which is two days after his funeral I was sat on the back door step crying and a white feather drifted down onto the floor in font of me. I also had a small white feather get blown in the patio door. My car radio goes on to static sometimes too. When I went to see him at the funeral home the lights flickered as I left the room. I also smelt cigarette smoke after his funeral at the wake. No one was smoking. They say not to look for them but be “open” to them. I have taken up meditation as they also say if your mind is clear of traffic it is easier for them to “get through” to you. I hope you have received something. Sending hugs.

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Oh I have taken up meditation, it’s hard getting into the zone but it takes a lot of practice and I do feel like I’m improving each time.

My medium gave me a couple of meditation tracks to do and I do think it opens me up more than usual and since doing it that’s when the shivers started happening, which hasn’t happened before.

This is what I meant when I said I feel like I’m learning new things and mentioning the shivers to the medium she told me I’ve definitely got spirit around me cause I explained the best I could about how they felt. They aren’t normal shivers it’s hard to explain.


@Jess1 It is hard getting into the zone but the person who showed us how to do it. Said you wouldn’t run a 26 mile marathon without training. It’s the same with the mind. I will keep doing it. Anything to help me maybe get signs or feelings he is with me. I couldn’t go on if I didn’t think he was with me.

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It doesn’t make any sense that my Mum isn’t still here anymore, I do think she was letting herself known at the beginning though and I wasn’t the only one feeling her presence so I had to speak to someone who could fill in the gap of communication and I’m so glad I did.

I’m waiting for her to visit me in my dreams as she told the medium that she had tried but struggled to get in cause my head was going all over the place, I’m trying so hard to clear my thoughts urgh so hard work lol

@Jess1 have you tried meditating just before you go to bed. Or when you are actually in bed. So your mind is as clear as it can be. Maybe then she may come :pray::pray:


Yeah but I usually just fall asleep at the wrong time haha this meditation is actually to meet loved ones or spirit guides at the end but I always drift off just before :roll_eyes: