it never gets any better

my wife died 3 years ago some days are fine ,but there are so Meany memories in the house i know it takes time but how long is time my girls are always thee for me .but i still find night time is the hardest be nice to get a cuddle and some one to talk to that understand or been through it as well .just sounding off .thank you all for this site .KEEP SAFE AND GOD BLESS


Hugs @Tony1 xxx

Thanks bab hugs back to you :rose:

I’ts only been 3 months since my husband passed away
As you say some days are not to bad but then the grief hits you once again I’ve never known pain like it. My grown up daughters have been brilliant but how do you explain how empty you feel I hate feeling like this and no one really knows unless they’ve been through it themselves. I wish you well


We’re here for you anytime hugs

Every day seems the same i go to bed at night and think why did he have to leave me people say you will get use to it makes me angry as they still have their husbands they do not understand the pain i feel

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@sue11. I’m not surprised you feel angry! If they’ve still got their husbands, what do they know! Big cuddle to you xx. Jean.

I’ve had that too, they have no clue!

Sending hugs to all x

Yes the pain is horrendous…… Paul passed away 24th July 2022
I say I function up dressed bed
Cry all the time sometimes I’m distraught the pain inside as you all know is excruciating
And yes friends with a husband have absolutely no idea
The feelings of numbness , alone, isolated, no other half, no one to share life with, no other person anywhere knew us like our husbands/ wife’s
No one to watch tv with ( now I don’t) eat with share the day with the list is endless
We had a motorhome and this weekend would’ve been at Keswick we loved it there all booked up a year ago
Today as Paul would say a Keswick winters day sunny crisp frost beautiful
Sadly never ever again
I just feel bereft and miss him like mad
Hugs to everyone


I understand how you feel i lost my husband on the 20th oct 2022 and i find my self crying all the time i miss him so much we used to do every thing together now i feel lost and so alone i went away last weekend with my husbands sister and it just was not the same

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Exactly It’s horrendous My husband passed away on the 8th October 2022 Like you we have a static caravan I’ve been once since he died buts it’s not the same We loved it there I was going to sell it but my family have said to keep it for another year and see how I feel then
Big hugs to you x

Hi @Bess1 I feel exactly like you. Plain and simple just no one. It’s heartbreaking isn’t it? I lie in bed of a morning and think what’s the point of getting up … nothing to get up for. I can’t believe the person I have become I don’t recognise myself anymore. My husband wouldn’t even recognise me.x


We’re all going through the same pain at least we can share on here how we feel. We all understand each other how we feel. It’s been 3 years for me. Like I’ve said some days not so good. Other days just okay sending all my love to you all Keep the faith and be as strong as you can Bless you all

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Hi All
Loobyloo you are so spot on I don’t recognise myself and neither would Paul and another thing he wouldn’t like what he saw……
Tired drawn unhappy face …. My whole demeanour has changed
This isn’t life it’s pure existence…….
Keep posting folks…… honestly it helps only to know I’m not losing the plot

Big hugs


Hi @Bess1 I notice you don’t watch television anymore. I still watch the television only don’t watch those programmes my husband particularly liked. If you don’t mind me asking, what do you do to pass the time, especially in the evening?

I’m the same, haven’t watched TV since my husband passed. I have the radio on the TV. Can’t face watching anything on TV x

Hi lobbyloo
To be fair re not watching television I catch up about the news on my phone ( I don’t goggle etc or look at things) and basically I’m in bed by 9
Obviously not tonight as our best friends son called in albeit at 4 and he’s just gone
Since new year I go out walking every day ( make myself!) around the farm and surrounding farms and time it time it so I come in when it’s really dusk
When lighter nights here I’ll be busy gardening etc basically finding jobs
I did watch Micheal McIntyre last week we both like him but as we know no one to say anything about it to
So switched off …bed
I am just trying like all of us to ‘survive’
Hugs all round

My husband booked for us to see The Mousetrap this coming Thursday evening and booked a table in the theatre restaurant beforehand. I’m now going with my lovely older sister. I’m looking forward to it but I’m also very anxious that I’ll be really upset thinking I should be there with David. We saw The Mousetrap in London years ago so we thought it would be a nice evening out to see it locally and have a meal. I’m so worried that I’ll break down. Love to all xx.

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Hi Jean
I feel your nervousness…… what to do for the best
You can only do what you feel is right
It won’t be easy at all but your husband will be ‘there’ with you
We must all think that to survive. ….
Hope you ‘enjoy ‘ your night
Yes another ‘thing’ we have to get used to and however hard it is to even think about …. We still have a life
I’m not there by any means will I ever get there I just don’t know


Just keep the faith take one day at a time it will be hard but we still have a life to live. I’m going to try and get on with life. I’m going to book a holiday to Spain soon. I will go on my own first time I’ve been on a holiday on my own so wait and see how that works out. Have to start somewhere will keep you all posted on how i get on. Chin up and god bless you all Sending hugs and kisses to all Tony1

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