Just an idea

I know that we are all going through a very difficult time at the moment with the loss of a loved one and this awful virus, but I just wondered.
If after all this and things get back to some kind of normality if there is anyone local who might like to meet up and chat ,walk , drink coffee or whatever . We are the best people to support each other . Just an idea what do others think


I think this sounds like a very good idea. It’s so hard to even begin to understand what it’s like to lose someone unless you have been through it. Support from others who have been through something similar could be helpful

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KayteC thank you for your reply i thought I was a good idea but very little feed back so I guess not everyone feels the same

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Every one is raw with grief but do appreciate your offer :two_hearts:

I joined another bereavement site and they did this offer of meeting up when we can and I thought it was a brilliant idea and on this other site they have made lots of new friends who are in the same boat and struggling to find ways to carry on . This other site seems to an American site so not for me living in the uk

I like the idea, but we all live in different parts of the Country I’m in London, anyone grieving in London that would like to meet up when covid is on its way out? Margarita

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Hi I think its a very nice idea.so if anyone living in the Manchester area. Please do think about a meet up when its safe to do so. Kathleen 3

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I live in a village in the mansfield area if anyone would like to meet once it’s safe to do so I live close to the famous Sherwood Forest

Dear kazzer
It is not for everyone but I joined a site called Wayup - which is for people who have lost their partners . The forum contains a quiet room and also other areas of discussion - but what it also offers is what you are looking for - the opportunity to meet others face to face . It took me a while because I was not strong enough or ready for it - but I eventually went to a pub quiz and met a lovely group of people all of us in the same boat but at different stages of grief . We have not met in the physical sense since lockdown but every week we join a zoom quiz and have a chat . We also have a WhatsApp group on which we communicate . There are no physical meet ups right now but when there are, there are coffee mornings and walks and even holidays . There are lots of zoom meetings though right now . Like sr it is not a commercial site . I know these twice weekly meetings have kept me going through these long months of isolation. . And I will know them all so much better when we can eventually meet again for supper and a real pub quiz x

Lovely idea, meeting someone who understands would be lovely


Hi Kathleen. I live in Manchester too :blush:

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