Life after death - dreams and signs.


I know there will be lots of people who do not believe in life after death, and i am not writing this to try and persuade anyone into doing so, i just want to write about my beliefs and experiences, and see if anyone has experienced similar.

So just over 3 weeks ago i lost my Mum, and i’ve found myself naturally gravitating towards the question of what happens to us when we die? Where do we go, what is it that actually dies and what is it that remains? Put really simply, i have come to the conclusion that when we “die”, its not actually us that dies, its our physical body - our shell, if you like. Our spirit, our soul, our real inner identity lives on without its physical embodiment that once existed.

Now i know that many of you reading this will be thinking what on earth is this person thinking and saying!? And once upon a time yes i would probably have been part of that same sceptical, cynical perspective, but thats because i had never really given it any thought, until i had a cause to think about it and really start asking those big questions. So the main question that i keep coming back to is this: are we really expected to believe that we arrive here on this Earth by chance, we meet all the people we meet in our lives, we make all these wonderful connections with people, we experience the most sensational emotions and feelings, we make memories, we dream, we form bonds with others and we fall in love; we leave our imprint in this world, create life, love our children - but then our heart stops beating, our brain dies and thats it. Gone. Done. And the main crux of the question - if so, what is the point? If thats what happens, then what on Earth was the point of it all? If thats how its going to end, what was the point in being able to do all of those things, why were we given the capabilites to do all of those things, if in the end it just switches off like a light and then theres nothing?

Now emotions aside, this just does not make logical sense to me. Everything is for something - there is a reason behind everything. But heres the problem, most people struggle with believing in something they cannot see. The idea that there might be something more after our time here on Earth is over, is just too far out there and people laugh it off and assign those who do believe to the ‘mentally unstable’ category. Well just to put it into perspective, remember this - people used to believe the Earth was flat and that we could fall off the edge if we went too far… Just saying. Things change, we learn things, we come to accept things that we never would have thought possible. But just because you cant see it, doesnt mean it doesnt exist. There are lots of things we cant see, including love - but do we question the existence of love? No. Love is a feeling, its not tangible. Not everything can be seen with the naked eye - a lack of physicality and the ability to see or touch something, doesnt necessarily equate to its absence or lack of existence.

Anyway, i wanted to go back to something that happened to me last week. It was a tough day, i had gone back to work, someone who didnt know i had lost my Mum recently asked me if i had had a good summer (i work in a school), and upon trying to answer the question without getting into anything too much in that work environment, i informed them of my Mum’s passing and started to cry. It definitely was not a part of the plan for the day, but it happened. Had a chat with work colleagues, sorted myself out and on with the day. On my way home i stopped off at Mum’s house to do some more sorting out (clearing the house), and came across a ‘baby’s first’ journal, where Mum had recorded so many things about my life as a baby/toddler. It was so personal and detailed, it made me smile but at the same time it was so terribly sad and pulled at my heart strings, and i sat on the bed by myself crying over this journal telling her how much i missed her and how she had been such a good Mother to me.

That day had been a bit of a struggle and emotionally charged, but i went to bed feeling ok and just needing to get a good sleep. But at some point in the night i woke up suddenly (literally shook myself awake) with the words ‘Keep Looking Up’ clear as anything in the forefront of my mind, and i immediately looked up at the ceiling. I couldnt see anything and after a few minutes of wondering what it was i had just experienced, i drifted back off to sleep. Thing is it hadnt been a dream, i didnt see my Mum or hear her voice, it was just these three words emblazoned in my mind, in such a way it was like an instruction. The next few days i found myself constantly looking up at the sky, thinking maybe Mum had tried to give me a warning or a heads up on something. I have since come to think it probably was not as literal as that. I feel that it was her way of saying to me ‘keep looking forward and being positive’, after the difficult day i had experienced. Then a few days later, i sat driving home in my car talking to her about my day, and i happened to mention that if she would like to send some kind of sign that would let me know she was with near by and watching over, that that would be ok. That night i stood cooking tea and washing pans at the sink, and i felt what i thought must have been a small toy hit me on the back of my head. I instantly turned around expecting to see my son standing there with a great big grin, but there was no one. I popped my head around the door to ask if anyone had thrown anything into the kitchen, not that there was any sign of a toy on the floor, and both my son and partner were watching TV and said they hadnt.

Before Mum passed, she promised me that she would come back to see me and would watch over me, and i dont doubt it. I have thought about going to see a medium (by sound recommendation only), but in the meantime i remain fully open to any signs or messages in dreams from her. I have no expectations, but i remain fully open to things that i am yet to fully understand.



That’s a great post @Evans2021. Thank you. You’ll get no argument from me. I have read so many books since my husband passed and I have had many signs in the past 4 years. They bring great comfort.

I work with someone who calls himself a scientist and his mind is closed to anything afterlife related. I think it shortsighted and narrow-minded of him because he has never lost anyone close; he may change his mind if he loses the love of his life. One of the books I read ‘Proof of Heaven’ was written by a neurosurgeon - is he not a scientist? I think it’s important to have an open mind.

I’m sorry for your loss and I hope you can find comfort in your beliefs and signs from your mum. xx


Hello @Evans2021. @Tillwemeetagain. I really liked your posts and thought it was very sensible. Lots of people believe totally in the afterlife, and I too have had many signs from my late husband. I have read the book that Crazy_Kate mentioned Proof of Heaven, written by a neuro surgeon and he knows what he’s talking about.
What we believe can bring us great comfort and get us through the worst of our days.
Each one of us must carry our own beliefs and not judge others for their beliefs or lack of them.
Love and light. x



I have had a few signs over the past few months, so has my daughter, my son has had dreams like you. I had my bed shake a number of times when I was in it, also a head imprint on the pillow. I had a dream when trying to find songs for the funeral and woke up with an album and a track number. We didn’t like the same music, so asked hubby’s friend who said it was one of his favourites, that was weird. I have had experiences when other members of the family died too, which I won’t bore you with. I have often wondered though if it’s the state of mind we are in and it’s what we want to see/hear? I have thought of going to a spiritualist church, apparently they do this sort of thing and call it healing, but I am just not sure. I would be scared to go on my own. I feel apprehensive about mediums there so many frauds out there preying on people who are grieving.

Would be interested to hear of other experiences. Look after yourself x


Hi @Crazy_Kate

Thanks for your reply, and thanks for your kind words.

I also think its very important to have an open mind. Its not that we are assured of a definitive answer about what happens when our physical self ‘dies’ (at least not while we are still here on Earth), and there are plenty of people around to remind us that there is no ‘proof’ of an afterlife. But switch perspective for a moment - theres no proof that there isnt one.

I know people say ‘ah well youre upset and grieving and youll see what you want to see’ etc etc , and to some extent there will be an element of that in people’s grieving process. But what i am really touching on here is the fact that nobody alive today actually KNOWS what happens next, and i think dismissing the idea of there being a next chapter is a little short sighted.

And if someone experiences signs from their loved ones who have passed on, then who has the right really to tell them they’re ‘coincidences’, or worse still that its ‘just their mind playing tricks’ on them? People can be an absolute force to be reckoned with when they’re here on this Earth; we are capable of so much, and we are so incredibly complex. Is it that much of a stretch to think that maybe we go elsewhere in our new form, and begin the next phase of our ‘being’ there?

I dont have the answers or the proof that many people need in order to open up their minds and consider something other than: we live, then we die.

Personally, i just feel that for such complex creatures, who are able to achieve and do so much, that this idea is just way too basic, and leaves me wondering ‘but why?’

Human kind has come so far. We evolved from monkeys! We have explored space and made so many amazing discoveries, but there is a ceiling - theres only so far we can go, and we cant push past it. What other realms and worlds exist on the other side of those barriers that we just cant get past in our universe? We have explored, we have discovered, but i think we are yet to know everything there is to know about life and its levels.

Thank you for the book recommendation, i will give it a go!

Best wishes,

Bev x


Another thought provoking post Bev; it’s good for my mind. Thank you. xx

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Hi, I have just seen your post and I am so sorry for your loss.
I too never believed in the afterlife or signs from our loved ones. I have never been religious and even got married in a registry office. I am still not religious but since my hubby died last year there have been so many signs from him. It all started about 6 months after he died and I got up in the night to use the bathroom and noticed that the light in the hall seemed brighter than usual. I thought it was moonlight so went to check everything was okay and as I looked down at the floor I saw a very dark shadow of myself, a black shadow with a sharp outline. It seemed unusual and I thought at first it was my little dog who is black. But very suddenly a circle of light about 4 inches across appeared next to me on the floor and as I ran back to the bedroom it followed me! Since then the light (although not as big) is there in the hall on the floor every night and follows me if I get up during the night. I also talk to it a lot as I’m sure it is my hubby.

Signs I have had include, the DVD player switching itself on for a film I have put on, clocks stopping and starting again, the radio going off, the washing machine often switches itself off. One day the washing machine went off and I said outloud to send me a sign if it was him and then straightaway it came back on! The microwave also goes off and once I could not get anything from the microwave, no light, no power at all and nearly bought a replacement, but then within a couple of hours it was back working again! I had a set of house keys go missing, completely vanished. I ordered a new set and then about 5 or 6 days later they appeared in the laundry basket! A mirror in the bedroom which is on the floor moved out a few inches, some books fell down on the bookcase, I hadn’t been near them, Piles of clothing have been knocked to the floor - this has happened twice.
I am amazed and tell myself ‘it’s magic’, but I know it’s my hubby.
I love it when he sends signs and believe me I would never, ever in a million years have believed anything like this would ever happen. It has changed my view on things hugely and I read many books now on the afterlife, our souls, our energy etc.


Hi @CountryGirl

Thank you so much for your reply to my post; it has literally made me smile! It is wonderful that you are encountering all of these amazing signs from your husband in your every day life - i too would love this (from my Mum!) We were very close and spoke every single day - she was my ‘go to’ when i had something to tell; she was the very first person i told about anything. So to get signs frequently from her would be lovely. It does sound a little mad, but i do talk to her quite a lot when im alone. I have two small children and obviously i would not want to freak them out or cause them any upset by doing it infront of them, but when im on my own getting ready for work, or driving home, i find myself telling her about the things going on in my life and let her know how im feeling about things.

Ive not had any more signs yet (that im aware of) - just the vivid message in the dream and the tap on the back of my head, but im not trying to look for anything, im just waiting patiently to see if anything else happens.

I find it very interesting that things started happening for you after around 6 months. I wonder can you relate this to anything else that happened in your life at that time? I have thought to myself a few times whether things take time to form? Perhaps their ability to communicate via signs etc. Maybe they start off being able to do the small stuff, that might often go unnoticed, and then build up to bigger things that are more obvious and undeniable!

I would be interested in your take on this : )

Sending support & best wishes,


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Hi all, I can relate to the not believing in the afterlife before I lost my mum 8 weeks ago but since shes passed I have so longed for a dream of her or a presence, the thing is I’m not 100% sure if I have had anything because just a few days after mum passed I was at mums with my brother and the remote wouldn’t work, I obviously just changed the battery and all ok, a few days later me and my daughter were in her bedroom it was 09.30 sorting her clothes out and what she should wear in the chapel of rest at some point I looked at the clock on the wall and it said 10 I felt we’d be there longer so I looked on the bedside clock and it said 10.13 I realised the clock on the wall at stopped at 10 again changed the battery, but I suddenly realised mum had passed on the 10th was it a sign??? Or just another flat battery?? I have a pair of old ankle boots outside on the back garden near the patio doors two days after mum was buried I was going to put them on to go to the cemetery one had got a fair amount of pebbles in it from off the garden one had about 12 in it, what had done it??? Only thing I can think of is a squirrel!! But why would it, surely that’s not a sign, then the last thing was one morning a couple of weeks ago I woke at just before 6am I thought It was a little too early so id try to get back to sleep, next thing I heard my mum say my name it was enough to wake me I just lay there just looking ahead didn’t get up I looked at the clock and it said 06.35 so I had fallen asleep but hadn’t been dreaming of anything that I know just awoke when I heard my name, Honestly not sure what this all means, but I’ve had nothing or seen anything since but here’s hoping just to know shes ok.
Lynn x


Hi @lynn2691

Thanks for your reply to the conversation. Your experiences certainly sound promising to me! Obviously no one can say with absolute certainty that anything is a ‘sign’, but i think the best person to judge it is the person experiencing it. You know whats ‘normal’ for you, what you have/havent felt or experienced before/whats likely to have a logical explanation. Many people will be quick to judge and put it down to ‘trying to cope’ or ‘being emotionally charged’ or our ‘mind playing tricks’ etc, but they tend to be those who are a closed book and dont want to be aware of other possibilites or explanations.

The unknown is scary sometimes, and quite frankly i think people feel more comfortable labelling things a ‘coincidence’. Anything over and above is just too much or too far fetched right?

I think if the things you describe are signs to you, then they are signs. Thats not to say that absolutely everything is a sign - but if something stood out enough for you to question it and then something else happened that seemed to link in some way or reinforce what you already suspected, then dont beat it down - accept it as a happy sign and continue to be open to more! Thats exactly what im doing - not looking for signs, but completely open to receiving them.

Best wishes,

Bev x


Hi all

I was told that we can receive messages in the first couple of weeks of a loved ones passing then there is a period of around 3 months when nothing is received then it can start again, In the first couple of weeks I experienced a few things, my bed moving which woke me up that had happened twice. Then In the middle of the night I was woken up and looked at the mirror and hubby’s face was there. I asked if it was him and got the reply who do you think it is. It was very real, but then I questioned myself whether I was half asleep. I also had a dove sit on my window ledge. I live in a city so have never once seen a dove. It just sat there for a few minutes. It was such a strange thing to happen so I googled what the meaning was and apparently it Is a message to be free, it was a beautiful thing to see. Since then I haven’t had anything except for feathers landing when something has happened. When visiting the grave I have had butterflies land around us. All of these things have given lots of comfort. We just have to look out for them


Hi, I have loved reading all the posts here, it’s so amazing isn’t it. So many things have happened that I forgot about the feathers too. Reading the other posts reminded me that I too had a feather left at the bottom of my bed, on the floor, on the side I sleep and also one was left on the floor in the lounge next to where I sit. The first feather as far as I can remember was the first thing I noticed and just thought one of my dogs had brought it in from the garden on their feet, but it was very wet outside and the feather was bone dry. My first thoughts are always to look for a logical reason why things happen. But now with so many electrical things going off and on etc. it’s never happened before. The second thing that happened was in the garage. My hubby was a keen cyclist and I still have two of his bikes and bike bits and pieces around and there was a red light flashing on/off in a big wooden box underneath a work bench. Now, I had already done a big clear out in the garage but never went near this box. It was an old brake light from the back of a bike and at first I could not get it to switch off at all. It is still there but I have never been able to switch it back on again.

You asked about the light in the hall and this appeared on the 11th November last year. No, the date does not mean anything to me and nothing has happened (that I have noticed) on my birthday or our anniversary. The feathers appeared before this light, but I didn’t notice anything else before it appeared. In the few weeks after he died I did have some very real dreams, one where he spoke my name twice almost in a whisper but it was so clear and I then woke. I have dreamt of him walking into the bedroom and heard a noise in the hall which was his walking frame. The dreams were so vivid and I got really upset.
I love reading of other peoples experiences on here. I hope you get some more signs from your dear mum, I am sure you will, probably when you are least expecting anything to happen. When I experienced things actually moving, I never SEE it happen, I hear a noise and turn and things have moved. When your mind is on something else too, things tend to happen.

Best wishes,


My husband died suddenly last year and since then I haven’t had any dreams about him, no feeling his presence, no signs etc. This is probably because he is permanently propping up the bar in the Pearly Gates pub!


Dear @Evans2021,
I am always very interested to hear of the experiences of other people with regard to a possible afterlife and events which may be signs from their loved ones.

My wife, Nicki, passed on my birthday in July 2020 and we had been together for 31 years. During our time together we had several experiences which convinced both of us that there is indeed something after this physical life here on Earth. In my younger years I was definitely a doubter and had never had any experiences to change that state of mind. I was never religious but Nicki was a devout but non-practising Catholic - she almost became a nun when she was 18 (I met her when she was 23). She was also a very artistic and creative person and much more sensitive to her surroundings than I. So we both came from very different backgrounds.

The event which turned me into a believer happened in 1998 when Nicki went with some friends to a session with a medium. I didn’t attend but I was very sceptical and told Nicki to take it all with a pinch of salt. However, there were two statements in the recording of the session that made my hair stand on end. One related to the death of Nicki’s Mum 2 years earlier and an item she had placed in her Mum’s coffin. The medium said what the item was (it was something a little unusual) and that her Mum thanked her for it and had it with her. The second statement related to an event that happened on our wedding day in 1996 that very few people knew about. Sadly, Nicki’s Mum had died 6 weeks prior to our wedding.

In 2009, Nicki had one very terrifying physical experience whilst we were asleep in bed just after midnight. I won’t go into the details here but it frightened her so much that she was terrified to go to sleep for the next 5 days and nights in case the event happened to her again.

Nicki has a bedside CD/radio and each night she used to play one of her many relaxation/meditation CDs to help both of us to sleep. The day I lost Nicki, the CD player stopped working, and has never worked since. Within 2 or 3 weeks, my circa-2008 Nokia mobile phone kept locking up and refused to work. I had been thinking about replacing it, but didn’t want to spend money on one because of the other bills that I had to pay. The phone problem persisted for several days to the extent that it became virtually unusable. I was effectively forced to replace it as I was carrying it everywhere at the time and I was so dependent on it. After I bought the new phone, the problems with the Nokia ceased. I now use the Nokia as an MP3 player only, but it has never given me any problems since.

One morning a few weeks after the fateful day, I was dozing on and off in bed one morning, trying to find any motivation to get up, and I heard my name being called out by Nicki, her voice as plain as day. I’m not sure if I was asleep, if the voice was in my head or if I actually heard it, but it was so loud and clear that I called out Nicki’s name, asking aloud if it was her calling me. I can still remember that event vividly today.

I mentioned that I use my old Nokia phone as an MP3 player. The last CD that Nicki ever heard, I put on my Nokia as a playlist so I could play it each night when I went to bed. I was having severe difficulty in getting to sleep at the time, would often be awake most of the night, and so I used to manually restart the playlist, 2, 3 or 4 times during the night. Then there started to be occasions where the playlist would complete and automatically restart without any interaction from me. (That function is built in to the phone’s operating system, but needs to be manually selected). This happened maybe about 20 times up to the end of March this year, then it stopped for the first 3 weeks in April. I was sure that it was Nicki causing the playlist to replay, and I also took that to mean that she was close by and watching over me. When it stopped happening in April, I became quite upset, and on one particular late-April night, I was talking to Nicki at bedtime as was my usual routine, and I begged her through tears to send me a sign that she was still around. I got into bed, started the playlist, and lay in bed awake for the 45 minutes it takes to complete. Several long seconds later, the playlist restarted of its own accord. I actually spoke aloud and thanked Nicki for sending “the sign” and I felt such a strong sense of comfort from the event - had me in tears again, if I’m honest. Since May, the random playlist-restarts have been few, but there have been 5 occasions when this sequence of events has occurred again, with me begging through tears for a sign, and the playlist has automatically restarted. No-one will ever convince me that it is not my wife giving me a sign.

In the last 14 months, I have come to accept certain personal beliefs - that I wasn’t meant to find Nicki the day she passed, until it was too late; that there is a God and that Nicki is in heaven and finally out of pain; that there is an afterlife; that Nicki is close by, watching over me, and has been helping me in different ways since the day she passed; and that when my end comes I will be reunited with Nicki - a day I look forward to. I’m not in any way suggesting that others should agree with my newly-found beliefs. What people believe is very much dependent on each individual, on their experiences and religious beliefs. For me, who I am now is the only way I can survive each day. I am planning soon to visit a medium who has been recommended by a friend and I am convinced that Nicki will come through loud and clear, such was her personality. Maybe I’ll be disappointed, who knows, but I’ll live in hope meantime.


What a wonderful post.
I lost my darling husband, aged just 55, just over a year ago. If I didn’t truly believe that he is still with me in some sort of spiritual sense (I’m always telling him things and asking him questions) then I don’t actually know how I would go on.
When you experience such a trauma of losing someone so important to you then, yes it does make you question life itself. I totally agree with you about the point of life. Life itself is so intricate, special and unexplainable that there has to be something after we are no longer here in the physical form.
I know I will see my special, darling Richard again one day - how, I don’t know, but it will happen. Love to you all xx


Hi All,

What a brilliant thread!!! I made a post a few months back (where do we go?) of some of my experiences.
Before losing my Dad, I was of the mindset that when we die it was final, reasons being mainly because lack of proof/evidence, basically scientifically impossible, but that’s just it, as humans we feel the need for everything to make sense or at least be able to logically explain, when we can’t, we begin to question more, then ultimately doubt.
Our existence alone is a miracle in its self!!! It can’t all be coincidental or chance that our entire evolution exists?
I lost my Dad back in January, it still feels unreal to this day, I miss him deeply and will do until I myself ceases to exist.
Which ever way we look at life/death or what we believe happens next, for me, it’s either we do move on to something else or it’s an eternal sleep. Whichever it is our loved one’s are not suffering and hopefully waiting to be reunited with us.
Thanks for reading, Liam.


I have the same thing happen. My brother passed a couple of weeks ago and honestly have found it hard to cope.i called his name and said please tell me you’re OK. A few days after, I was in bed and I heard my name being whispered loud in my ear . I turned , thinking it was my partner but he was fast asleep snoring. I’ve heard that passed loved ones often do this to let you know they’re around. I know we are sensitive at these dark times, but we probably open ourselves more too, to allow them to communicate. I want to get some comfort from that. Small signs have happened too, which could be coincidences, but I don’t believe in coincidences. I’m still dying inside, it’s so hard.


I found this post very profound. I lost my much loved husband last October nine weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. He had been in terrible pain with back and leg. Something he had had problems with for years .
We believed it was spinal problems slipped disk or trapped nerves.
I went to see my daughter in Brighton by train. On way the train stopped at a station. Outside the window was a huge black bird staring straight at me perched on a post. At that moment an overwhelming feeling of doom and something dreadful was about to happen. Two weeks later my Vic diagnosed with kidney cancer that had spread to spine liver and lungs. He died nine weeks later.
I’d never have experienced anything like it.
anyone else known this premonition ?

My friend was talking about this today, she’s had it twice with black birds and each time she knew, it was her friend and her mum xx

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Hi Evans2021
That was amazing to read, sad for you at losing your mum but thankful to read this, I’ve had similar experiences and I find it comforting to read other peoples, thank you for sharing this x

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