Life is so empty withoutyou

Its been just over 57 weeks since I lost you my beautiful darling. I miss you so very much every second of everyday. I love you and I will do so all my life . I know you are gone and never coming back. But I just can’t get my head around it or accept it. It was always us and we and now it’s just me and I’m so lost and empty withoutyou. I try everyday but it’s so hard and I can’t change how I feel I don’t want to be here withoutyou. I have felt like that since the day I lost you and I still feel the same. But I have to keep going for our pets and you and I will no matter how I feel. I won’t let you or them down. I feel so angry that you were taken from me. But I don’t know who I’m angry at and the anger is just building up and boiling inside me. Then there are the tears that just flow uncontrollably and never ending it seems. The perpetual sadness is always there. You my darling are my heart and soul . I finally found home with you which is where I belong. You gave me so much love and happiness and made me whole and completed me. Thank you for loving me and giving me the best and happiest years of my life. I love you baby xxxxx


Hi Casey1, I think in many ways the second year is harder than the first, I’m in the second year too and know what you are going through.
I have to keep moving forward for the sake of my family. This journey is never going to be easy one step at a time.
Sending love X X


It is such a hard journey for us all lovely words I feel the very same and yes I feel the second year will be worse still bust beginning it Sunday morning we wake up alone don’t we thinking another day with out our love one beside us I will always love my husband I plod on for my family also don’t have any pets now we used to family tell me to get a little dog for company but I don’t think I am ready never thought about living with out my husband all so sudden only 65 so fit we had lots plans now all gone and don’t know what to do house so quiet I talk to him tell him to come and get me
I’m not being helpful sorry don’t mean it to be all about how I’m feeling hope you can manage to have a redeemable day I have to mow the grass I think who can we talk to when they not beside us never sure what I write is ok I like to be able to support others that are going through this heartache sending you a hug take care xx


It is a very hard and long journey. I lost my husband, Trevor , after 40 years of marriage. We were together 5 years before we got married. We were both 17 years old.
I too am 65, all our plans for the future gone. I don’t have any pets either, it’s been suggested that I get a little dog. It’s a nice idea but I’m not sure it’s going to fill the huge gap in my life.
I plod on for the sake of my family but it’s hard going. It’s 54 months since I lost the love of my life. I don’t see it getting any easier.
I hate being at home alone. I can see that we all feel the same and that we are all filled with the heavy burden of grief.
My best wishes and love to everyone, I’m so sorry that everyone is going through such sadness.


Hiya Casey my love of my life passed 17th month ago it’s his birthday and wedding anniversary 18th June he would have being 70 we would have being married 45years it’s a hard life lv ya annie x x x


I’m so sorry for your loss. It is a hard life.
Take care

Thankyou Allison it is but got to go forward for my 2 beautiful children the only reason I try to go forward lv annie x x

Yes Annie you are so right. I feel the same.
Love Alison

Hi Alison we are very similar it seems in age being left and struggling with out our live beside us I was 18 when I met my husband like you so don’t know a life with out them some days I think a puppy would be company but still would not fill what we have lost it is good to speak to you all on here as we all know the pain we are going through others really do not they think it will get better not possible just learn to manage it out side I guess yes have to plod on for my family I do feel blessed that I have them I know some of you don’t
Take care xx


I will be 65 in a few months, so similar age to you all. I’ve met Doug when I was seventeen and been married 44 years.
My children keep saying you should get another cat for company, but our old cat of twenty years died just before Doug did. I can’t face losing anything else I Iove so I’ve said no. X X

That how I feel Debbie it is very hard to know what to do going ahead I don’t work took early retirement which I am pleased we both did had special five years together we was so looking forward to getting out pension he missed out on it all bless him so cruel I try to keep busy just need some thing I don’t know what we used to have students I can not do that now on my own will need some thing sorry you all on hear going through this helps to have people to talk too

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I still do work Rose, I deeply regret not retiring earlier as Doug had retired a few years before me. But you think your going to have time, until fate cruelly steps in.
I try to keep busy, work helps but I don’t enjoy it like I used to, no one waiting at home for me now. X X X

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Hi Debbie so sorry that you lost your husband early also yes you do expect to have longer my parents are both tougher life is cruel yes I know what you mean when you been out and come home his not there it’s empty I still call out I’m home darling then tears again well I been in garden for a bit hope you all coping xx

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That could be me writing your heartfelt words.
After 8 months it is still traumatic and mentally crushing.
I believe you never get over the loss of your soulmate.
The emptiness is the overwhelming sensation and each day is pain in the ar##.
Keep strong coz life is precious.


@Debbie57 hi Debbie thank you. I do just take one step at a time and one day at a time. The last year has been so hard and it feels like its getting harder with each passing day. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But I have to keep trying for our pets. I wish you well on this horrendous journey and I hope we can all find some moments of peace. Sending love xxx

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@Rose45 hi Rose thank you . Its so hard isn’t it? I never saw my life without her in it and I wish it wasn’t this way for any of us. But unfortunately we can’t change it. As much as we wish we could. Thank you for the hug. Please don’t be sorry as you have no need to be. Also what you say is fine and you do support others. It helps to know we are not alone and that there are people who understand and care. Sending love and hugs xxx

@ alison57 hi Alison I’m so sorry you and all of us on here are going through this heartbreak. A dog would be some company. It won’t fill the gap but having our pets gives me a reason to get up and keep trying and without them there would be no love in my life. I love them and need them just as much as they love and need me. I would think about getting a dog as you wouldn’t be at home alone then. Sending love xxx

@Annie11 hi Annie it really is a hard life without our soulmates. I hope you will have support around you on the 18th of June if you want to that is. I have spent every first on my own over the last year though on the anniversary of her death I did have a grief counselling session. Take care Annie much love casey xxx

@Edwomble hi edwomble I think you are right. Its traumatic and crushing and I also don’t think you ever get over losing your soulmate. All we can do is keep trying to carry on and maybe one day we can learn to live alongside it. Afterall our loved ones are always with us in our hearts and thoughts. Take care love and hugs xxx

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Hi Casey
I am in second year after losing my Dad last year. I still struggle without him and living away from my mum. I would give anything to move closer to my mum to see her more often and take some of the pressure off my sister who looks after her by way of taking her shopping etc but I can’t as do not have the funds yet.
I am not going to say it gets easier because I don’t think it does, I have come to the conclusion that I just have to carry on as best I can.
I find talking to my Dad everyday helps and trying to make him proud of me everyday.
Stay strong and know you are not alone.