Hi everyone,
It’s a worrying time in the world at the moment,
And especially as we’ve all lost someone close.
Life is hard anyway, it is quite scary, wish my husband was with me .
Sending everyone love
This site will be a lifeline for many.
Steph x


Hi Steph. It must be especially hard for those that have lost husbands or wives partners etc. I worry about my dad back at home. Now alone. Grieving and isolated from the world. What a really crap time. I miss my mum so much. But my dad is lost without his soulmate


Just to remind everyone that the last thing out of Pandora’s Box, was hope…

No one’s told the daffodils about the pause to Spring
And no one’s told the birds to roost and asked them not to sing
No one’s asked the lazy bee to cease his bumbling round
And no one’s stopped the bright green shoots emerging through the ground
No one’s told the sap to rest, deep within the wood
And stop the sleepy trees from waking, wreathed about in bud
No one’s told the sky to douse its brightest shades of blue
And stop the scudding clouds from puffing headlong into view
No one’s asked the lambs to still the springs beneath their feet,
To stop their rapid rush and quell each joyful bleat
No one’s told the stream to halt its gurgle or its flow
And warned the playful breezes, not to gust and blow
No one’s asked the raindrops not to fall upon the earth
And fail to quench the soil in the season of rebirth

No one’s locked the sun down, or dimmed the shimmer of the moon
And even in the darkest night, the stars are still immune

Remember what you value, remember who is dear
Close the doors to danger and keep your family near
In the quiet all around us take the time to sit and stare
And wonder at the glory unfurling everywhere
Look towards the future, after the ordeal
And keep faith in Mother Nature’s power and will to heal

We will get through this if we all stay safe xxx


That’s beautiful xx

Thank you x

Just what we needed Sandra. Thank you :kissing_heart:

Thank you…that is beautiful!
This is a really dark time … but while mankind is self isolating, the planet is beginning to recover!
Hope springs eternal.
Take care everyone and keep safe. X

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Thank you so much. I am still going out walking with my dogs for the exercise as allowed and listening to the birds this morning and watching the blue sea gently lapping the seafront I can honestly say that this simple act of nature did uplift me. So this excellent poem has come at just the right time and so true. It’s all out there if we take the time (which we now have) to look and listen.
Pat xxx


It is a beautiful world with beautiful people, thinking of you all :blue_heart:


So beautiful, so beautiful. Thank you dearest Sandra. Once again you have made me cry but I don’t mind :sob:.
The truth is that this situation would be bearable if we had our loved ones here with us. I’ve said before - together we could conquer the world. Xx


So emotional :cry:

How is everyone doing? Hope this doesn’t go on for too long. Been busy in the garden today as the suns shining.
It’s best to try and keep busy, can’t sit and think, tellys sh**
Did anyone join in with clapping last night, it was quite emotional, it feels like we’re all in a film, it’s a different world at the moment.
Stay strong everyone, we’re all in this together x

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I joined in with the clapping Steph, the least we can do to show our appreciation for what these amazing NHS workers are doing. I had a lump in my throat the whole time mind you :cry: but was so glad to see how it brought the community together x

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Yes it definitely brings the community together, very emotional. How are you coping with the lockdown? X

I am self isolating so clapped from my window and my lovely neighbours all waved to me at the end. I have personal experience as family playing crucial roles in the NHS so it was very emotional :blue_heart::cry::blue_heart:

I knew nothing about this clapping but did hear something outside but it sounded more like fireworks than clapping and my little dog is terrified of bangs and I was occupied with chasing him around the house and trying to calm him down.

I am actually ok Steph, I get about 4/5 video calls a day from my friends not because they are worried about me but more because they are bored sick but I am used to being on my own now so it’s no biggie. I do miss going for lunch with the girls and coffee with my sister but apart from that I am fine. I was a bit worried when they said about one walk or run a day for exercise, I was scared it was compulsory as I never did it before :joy:
Are you managing ok or going stir crazy yet? X

That’s good, thank god for video calls. I video chat with my grandchildren, I do miss them, but we’ve been singing silly songs, they do make me laugh :smiley:
I’m glad the excercise isn’t compulsory :joy:
It’s ok if I try and keep busy, we do take things for granted in life, just to be able to go out and do whatever we want. X

God bless Netflix :wink: xx

Hi there, pleased you noticed that exercise is allowed, few people seem to be aware of this. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to exercise because I enjoy it. I walk every day with my dogs for around 2 hours otherwise I am at my allotment (which government have allowed to stay open). So nothing much changed for me. I am not becoming as bored and I though I might as when in isolation at home I have my greenhouse and garden to attend and today decided to do a massive disinfectant job around the house although only me here.
I would certainly go stir crazy if I didn’t keep active and had a mini relapse beginning of the week but now, like everything I am learning to live with it and quite like the quiet when I walk early mornings. And surprising I can accept the almost solitude. I say almost as there are other dog walkers out along with joggers and people just wanting to have a walk and fresh air before they go back to imprisonment, But as you say we have become accustomed to being alone and making the best of it. I do miss seeing my family though.