Here is my conundrum, there is a pub 5 minutes walk, but it’s hard,don’t want to go on my own, but maybe it’s better than the 4 walls . Never thought of me having anxiety issues, but being on my own , after 20 years of being us, makes me feel like I am being looked at. All i need is some one to just talk to, outside of work. Like most.on here , don’t want another relationship, but in an area ,where I know nobody, xx


Think I might just give it a go, if they want to look at me that’s okay, but sure they won’t, deep respect for the reply. Take care ,peace be with you. Xx


Find the courage to do things outside your 4 walls, just remember that we don’t chose to be left behind is very much one day we will follow. I am learning to life this life having a good time and knowing that it won’t be for ever.
Even though we know our heart aches, our mind are over tired. Life is not forever. Please think about all those things you can do. X

Hi, I went to my local, last night, bit like a fish out of water, but it was okay in the end, spoke to a lady about canals, random I know, Shell told me to enjoy life, so as hard as it is sometimes, I should respect her wishes, and at least try. Thank you for your interest.

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Glad to hear you went to your local. Really to hear that you are facing life. I am sure that the feelings you have I am going through as I lost my husband too.
Thanks for replying.
What is your favourite drink?

More of a real ale drinker, bitter, etc, but in these warm days I have gone for lager. I don’t drink spirits, for soft drink I have cut out Anything fizzy, flavoured water fir me . It is hard going out alone, circumstances meant I had to move, , so in area where I don’t really know any one. Have you managed to have time away from the house.

Hi Pete
Yes I decided to carryon to go to the club where we are members I meet with two of his best friend’s.
Although is not easy.
Time is a good healer.
Yes I do have to go out as I am 50 years old and still loving work :hugs:.

Work, has bean my saviour, people there, have bean so supportive, when I moved, guys moved all my stuff, The girls came and scrubbed, my new bungalow, will never be able to thank them enough. I have 4 years before I can retire, the way I feel at the moment, I don’t fancy all those empty hours . I do have 4 year old granddaughter, stopping some weekends, she is so like her Nannie, bossing me around, she has me wrapped around her finger. Xx

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Yes work is good therapy.
That sounds so lucky man.
I imagine that has got you out of the dark places.
Gran children are a blessing.

Step daughter gives me a bit of grief at times, constantly asking for money, sometimes I just give in, the easiest option, don’t need the stress it causes, she gave her mum and me a difficult time, but it’s a long story.

Step children are a pain I have two and they are not nice.
My husband left everything to me and they are not happy.
I do not offer anything to them. Don’t give them opportunity as they were not nice to him guess people can be horrible to their own blood.
Just remember that you have no obligation.
My step children know they will have to wait till I die.
I intend to live a good life.
I did tell him we were honest
Yes they are long story.

Bean nice to be in touch, I will let you go, up at 6, so going to sort out , then it’s off to bed, hopefully, we can speak again. Take care.xx

Nice to chat, good night me too up at 05:45
Take xx

Well done for the pub visit. Its not easy…but it wqs a achievement

Good morning :sun_with_face: Pete
Have a nice day at work.
Hope this crazy weather does not stop you from smiling :smile_cat:

Hope the :sun_with_face: shine.

At work now, same to you, enjoy if you can some distraction from other thoughts. Stay strong. Xx

Hi PeteE59
How was your day?
Do you have a garden?
Perfect evening to enjoy the fresh air.

Work okay, at times, we just generally take the micky out of each other it’s a distraction. I am now in a bungalow, small garden, back and front, I am a 5 minute walk from a country park, hills ,woods, and fishing lakes, its pleasant across there. How are you doing, still getting used to returning to an empty house, but it’s something we have to get used to.

In 2019 my husband and I put our 4 bedroom house :houses: for sale, we had few people interested but no buyers.
Our plan was to down size and move away but sadly we never make it true. You are right going to work is a good distraction and probably I enjoy it because I get to talk to people but then you get home and there is the reminder of how life can change in a blink of an eye.