It’s wrong, when working is a blessing, , but it’s better than home alone. I have a night out , with my son from a previous relationship, planned for Friday, we kind of lost a bit of contact, because of Shells health. So that will be good

Good you planning that ahead that will be good to look forward to. Made it to mid week tomorrow.
What programs you watch in the evening?

Thank you, small step , bit strange at first, but sitting alone in the house , will not make things better, or easier. I have a night out, with my son, from q previousl relationship, on Friday, I know Shell would if welcomed that. Hope you are coping okay , thank you for the reply, and interest.

Just like to chat hope you don’t mind
I know we don’t know eachother. Just trying to chat.
That is why I join here. I know we both lost the world to live due to unforeseen circumstances.
Just like to be a shoulder to chat

Watching a movie on Netflix, it’s Russian,(dubbed into English ), about the Chernobyl explosion, interesting to see a Russian take on it, to be honest, it hasn’t really grabbed me. Watched, some of the Olympics, earlier on. Hasn’t watched much normal T.V. I can’t watch stuff Shell used to watch to many memories, she loved her soaps. Do you watch much T.V. or do you find better ways to occupy the hours.

I have enjoyed our chats, it’s good to speak to people, who understand, unless you have lost someone, you don’t know, even if you try. Everyone I know has bean kind, but they don’t understand, how could they.

The same I can’t get to watch TV Paul love watching a good variety as he retired a few years ago. I come from work straight in to garden when weather permitting and then listen to music. Sometimes I dontry to watch something but I end up nodding off. Haha

Music is my go to, always has bean. Shells Music definitely wasn’t mine, so some nights, my head phones went on, in one ear anyway. Shells health meant separate beds for the last year or so, I lay on the bed, listening to music ,and the sound of the machine that kept her breathing overnight.in case the alarm went off.

I get you how you must be feeling.
Paul was in hospital for 6 months, I was only able to video call him. One day he was at his best and the next he suffer a stroke but a bleeding not clot.
That is so comforting to hear how much you love Shell. Was Shell your second marriage?

Shell and me ,never got married, booked it twice, but it was one of those, if they come, then they won’t situations, so we never did it,one my biggest ever regrets, but too late now. My Marriage ended , when my ex cheated on.me, several times, it nearly broke me, Shell gave me back my confidence, never considered my self to be attractive, or much of a catch if I am honest, Shell gave me back the little bit of self believe I had.

Sorry for getting to chat. Thanks for chatting back to me.
Oh I am sure she was happy and she knew you love her and she loved you.
Have a nice evening looking forward to chat some more tomorrow really enjoy chatting.
Good night. Take care

Look forward to the chat tomorrow, I am enjoying it, take care xx

Morning PeteE59
Have a good day and try and smile :grin:

You too, best foot forward, .xx

Hi, hope your day at work, was bearable, mine became a bit hectic and a bit stressful, but I am .a bit calmer.now.x

Hello PeteE59
Another another dollar.
Another for many but we are all keeping our steps one foot in front of the other.
How was your day?

Stressful, at the end, heard something on the radio, took me back, bit upsetting, so I started hyperventilating, it resulted in me having a coughing fit, so I was marched into the office for a Covid test, this meant I was sent home. The test came back negative. I have developed a heart problem, issues with a valve, an aortic aneurysm. It’s not too bad, just needs regular checks. Have a high b.p. controlled by medication. I sound like a moaner, people in much worse position than me Hope your day was as good as it can be, one day at a time. X

You surely have to focus on yourself, we both know that we came in this world with nothing and we leave with nothing.
Just make every day a good. :ok_hand:
You are not a moaner. I like to chat with you because it help me too.
I can say that you need to tell yourself you only live once, just remember how much Shell try to stay strong to be by your side.
Make sure you keep does checks and take your control medication.
Nobody is worse then you.
We are all unique circumstances.
Glad you can tell me.
Feel so valuable to read.
Please that you do care about your health.

I just have aches and pains which is probably the start of my body changing.
After gardening after a couple of days. My back is aching.
I am having a lazy evening.
Watching the news.
Will you be ok to work or would you have to have the rest of the week off?

I feel honoured, by your reply, thank you. I am clear of Covid so I am back in work tomorrow…its good I feel I can open up to you, I had to self isolate last year, again because of this cough, sure its some kind of reaction to upset or stress. I would say to anyone, don’t bottle things up, it makes a bad thing worse. I am not the best at expressing myself. I am :eyes:some animal program on BBC 2.

Please for you too. Covid -19 is something that we going to talk about, no one can say how long this virus will hang around.
I lost a sister last year who was only 54years old.
I work for the NHS as a Health care Assistant at a army barracks. My job is to care and I love the reward when patients feel better.
Sorry don’t know much about heart problems or aortic aneurysm. Have you had this condition long?