I don’t really know, after The funeral, I began to get bad chest pains, I was having full-blown panic attacks, but it down to bereavement, but as a result of my step daughter, I had a real bad moment, I head butted the wall several times then collapsed outside, neighbours called the ambulance. Things moved on from there, tests cleared me of angina, but further scans, showed the heart valve problem, and the aneurysm. At the moment I am just the right side of okay. I have family in Canada, my brother who lived there with his family, passed away 8 years ago ,age 62, ( my age next birthday) of an aneurysm. My mother died of an aneurysm, dad of a heart attack, I have told my son to get checked out, it may be hereditary. I am actually quite a happy soul really, even if all this makes me appear mournful. X

I hope you know that everything is yours and that you tell your step daughter where to go…
Typical of the body does not know how to coupe losing Shelly has hit you hard.
I wouldn’t expect you to feel unwell after all you know no one can say how you feel unless they been on our shoes.
We both know how heartache feels and just baby steps.
You like me both reach in this forum.
Nice to meet you🙂
Any way any good on TV?
I have click all the channels and nothing appeals to me.
Wednesday is very tiring for me.