Long lonely bank Holiday

The First easter without mum and dad and it has been a very long weekend. For me being alone the days seem to last forever. And now it is lighter later now it prolongs the pain and being in a flat is horrible. I miss sitting in the garden with my mum and dad at their house the last 4 days have been so painful. I have my former sisters treating me like I am invisible they are too busy making money from my parent’s possessions .


I agree with you about the days and the weekend lasting forever. Sit in an outside place and think of your mum and dad

I can empathise and relate to how you feel my partner died last November and this Easte weekend has been long and hard going . Trying to remain positive can be hard going but sharing how you feel is the first step and spending some time reflecting on the good times and memories lets you know that they are still with you be it not physically but in your heart and soul. Take care and sit awhile in the garden and let the memories flood over you.

Glad it’s not just me thought I opened up a can of worns new subject, so don’t know how to operate this site thing far from an easy site x pressed search, no idea if people see my status as its had no comments or responses well, dont think so, & no idea if my comments get through x

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