**lost my wife and and best friend of 61years eight weeks ago and the lonliness is crippling the lack of warmth . and hugs.Mornng and evening kisses.Who do you say what a lovely day to.I don’t like this lfe without her.Its difficult not to think of a companion to go shopping with and talk too.very sad and broken man.


Hello @Mel79, I’m so sorry for the loss of your wife and best friend. That is such a lot to cope with. I really hope you find the community to be a support to you.

Feeling lonely after loss is very common. I wanted to share this recent thread with you in which some of our members discuss their feelings of loneliness; maybe you would like to connect with them.

Take good care,

I lost my husband of 63 years in July so I know just how you feel. The loneliness is crippling and I wake up every morning feeling frightened. I try and carry on for the sake of my two married sons as they are doing their best to support me,
Have you a family to help you? Xx


yes I have a daughter who is magical and a son who lives in Somerset who visits often.I have good neighbours.They have lost a loving mother.I have lost more than they could understand.Unless it has happened to you you cant.

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Hello , i am the same . Wake up every morning in a panic and so frightened , feels like the loneliness is slowly killing me . Fight on for my family but so tough .Take care.
Love Angie xx

Hi sorry for ur loss I feel the same it’s a lonely life without my husband he was my best friend

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Hi Angie. Thank you for your reply.I don’t awake frightened just sad I cuddle her pillow and weep a little more.I know she can’t come back and we will never have our morning kiss and cuddle.Its very hard to believe that the live you had and loved is over thank you look after yourself loveMel

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Hi. It’s the empty car seat at your side.When
you go shopping the things you see that she would like.not being able to look forward and plan for tomorrow.love Mel


Hi Mel,
I always awake feeling frightened , i wish it would stop but no idea how to do that . Life can never be the same again . Take care.
Love Angie xx


my wife had her all clear from breast cancer in february she had to go into rotherham hospital on the tuesday