Looking for new friends

Having finally braved it and joined this community, I would like to introduce myself.

I lost my husband in February 2020 after a long illness and 32 years of marriage and struggled through the various lockdowns and the pandemic in general in the company of my dog, who was a total life saver and kept me sane. Working from home also gave life structure or sorts, but it is a year I would not want to experience again.

Now that conditions appear to be returning to something resembling normality I would really love to get out of the house more and meet people in a similar situation who, like me, are looking for new friends for conversation, meet-ups, shared days out, maybe dog walks,

If there is anybody in the South East Kent area who would like to do the same I would love to hear from you. I drive and can travel a reasonable distance.

Thank you for accepting me into the community and hope you all have a nice evening.

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Hello Charlotte ,
I’m in the same situation as yourself My husband died April last year after being unwell for several years .We had been together 45 years and married for 43 years
Last year was very rough with all the lockdowns and being on my own as my son and grandson live a long way away from myself I live in the north east so too far to meet up but it’s always nice , if that’s the right word ,to talk to others like yourself who I can relate to
Take care

I live in Bexley and happy to meet up for days out, walks, lunch, etc.
I’m 49. I lost John in January this year to Covid. He was 53. My world

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Hi Christine,

it was a very strange year indeed. It is bad enough to lose a partner after so many years, without being totally isolated from all other humen contact. I don’t mind admitting that I had days where I thought I was going mad. Solitary confinement is, after all, a very effective form of psychological torture!

I would love to chat to you any time you feel like it, it’s always good to talk to somebody who is a similar position.

Look after yourself x

Hi Misty,

so sorry about your husband. It’s an awful thing to have to get used to. Although my husband was ill for many years, it did not make it any easier, a very stressful time.

I am in Swale, so not too far from Bexley. Do you ever go to Bluwater shopping centre? It comes to mind as somewhere “halfway” with places to have a coffee, maybe some lunch, that is easy to get to.

Take care x

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I’ve not been for ages obviously but yes I can get there easy enough :+1:
When are you thinking of?
Nikki (aka Misty)

Hi Nikki,

I’ve not been for almost a year either, but a friend went last weekend and said it was all quite normal again, so I’m quite looking forward to going again sometime - a bit of normality would be nice for a change.

It would have to be the weekend for me, as I work during the week.


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@Charlotte27 I’ll message you

Hi Charlotte
Thanks for your reply
It’s such a lonely life now and the lockdowns have made everything so much worse
I’ve accepted that this different life is what I have now and although I have some friends I keep in touch with at the end of the day I’m on my own I think it’s the fact that I’m not part of a couple now and not having anyone to share my life with now is the hardest part
You sound so positive I’m aiming to be more like this but it’s not easy and my days are full of ups and downs I hope you manage to meet up with others through this site who can truly understand how you feel
Take care


@Charlotte27 and @Misty1972 I could get to Bluewater for a weekend meet over a coffee or something if you do arrange one there. I work full time so midweek is no good for me. Can’t do this weekend.

@Wong Charlotte and I are meeting for coffee on the afternoon of Sunday 6th June at Bluewater. We’ve not arranged when and where yet. You are more than welcome xx

I’ll second that, the more the merrier, please feel free to come along. We can agree details a bit later on. x

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@ChristineM know what you mean about up and down days. I don’t know the north east at all well, but there was someone on here within the past few weeks from Tyne & Wear. I believe that may be north east. I gave up geography years ago at school, so could be wrong. Someone has put a topic on here about a NW meet up. Maybe if you pop on a topic about North East you will find some people nearby. Worth a try! Let’s face it we just want our old lives back but, if we are to continue living, the majority of us could do with human contact. As many have mentioned on here our previous friends were mainly other couples and people that now seem to think we can just move on and get over it. We all know we can’t get over it, but some of us need something to help us through this lonely painful existence.


6/6/21 sounds good to me. Please count me in.


Hi all
Can I come on the 6 June please :hugs:
Amy x

Fab hun, sounds good x

Hi Amy, yes, of course you can, sounds like it’s getting popular :smiley:

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@Amylost will be good to meet you too on the 6th. It will be my first out out venture. Want to do it, but hoping I don’t bottle it.

@Charlotte27, the more the merrier.

@Wong I’m exactly the same, I look forward to meeting people but when the time comes my nerves get the better of me, but I need the company of others, to comfort each other, help each other and support each other on this horrible journey of grief.
I will go as everyone on here is supportive in their messages and we all understand each other’s pain. No one judges each other on here, we all try to help each other and that means a lot.
Please come. I know we will support each other and that’s what we need.
Amy x


That certainly sounds like something we all need, so the more people come the more will benefit from it, the way I see it. Hopefully some of us will be able to make new friends and go from there.