Looking for people near me

Good afternoon everybody,
I’d like to find out if somebody else lives in Wiltshire. Thought it might be nice to be able to meet up occasionally for a chat or coffee. It is difficult to switch from us to me and it would be nice to meet people in the same position we all are.


Hi @Verena
I thought it worth just copying the text below from Sue Ryder’s Terms & Conditions.
If I’m out of order then I’ll apologise in advance, but having worked in IT for many years I’m quite cautious. Best wishes
“The community is public and it’s not necessary to become a member in order to read posts. Please be careful with your personal information and be mindful of sharing information or photos that may identify you”.

Hello @JustSomeBloke, thank you for looking out for community members :blue_heart:

We know that some people would like to connect with others locally, so we try to give advice on how to go about this as safely as possible. You are right that the best way to protect your privacy is to remain anonymous, so I would just like to share a little reminder about protecting your privacy and meeting offline.

The reason we encourage people to keep communications within the community is because we have staff and moderators looking after the space here which helps it stay a safe and supportive platform. When this is taken offline outside of the community, we can no longer keep you and our members safe.

Our terms and conditions ask you not to publish your contact details or identifying information on our site to protect your own privacy and security. So this would include never posting your name or location on a publicly viewable thread.

If you’d like to contact members more privately, you can send them a private message through the site. For more information on how to use private messages, please see our help section.

If you’d like to start a private group chat with other members who’d like to meet up in Wiltshire, for example, you are able to send a private message to multiple users, like this:

You can also add people into the private chat after you’ve sent the first message by clicking the plus button:


I hope this is helpful - take care,

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@ just some bloke
I haven’t realised giving personal info away. But thanks for warning

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Isn’t it sad that we have to be so careful. I recently warned a friend who had lost her husband not to be so quick to hand out her telephone number and even her address to people she had only just made contact with. Every delivery man was invited into her house. Why, because she was lonely and just wanted company.
I’m afraid the first reaction to loss is to connect with other people suffering in the same way. To meet and wanting to talk. I would advise finding a group meeting in the first instance and keep safe.

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