Loosing dad to cancer

I’ve recently (three weeks ago) lost my dad to a brain tumour!
He put up the biggest fight and went an extra 8 months passed what the doctors said he would live for.
I became dad’s carer and basically moved in with him was by his side 24/7. I was with him the early morning his passed but was asleep next to him.
I’m terribly sad for his passing and would do anything to get him back but know this is impossible.
I don’t find myself crying and I’m beating myself up for this. My dad’s not here anymore and I’m not crying how is that even normal!. Please someone help.


So sorry for your loss. :heart: You’re still in shock, it’s only been three weeks, and the tears might come later. But even if they don’t, please don’t beat yourself up over it. Not everyone cries and it’s not a measure of love. I saw another poster having the same issue earlier, I’ll add the link. Sending hugs.