Loosing my daughter

I lost my daughter 6 and a half years ago. Im still in a very dark place. I put on a mask that tells everyone i am ok but underneath i am screaming. I feel so angry. I trudge through the day. I have family around me but feel so alone. I sometimes feel everyone has forgotten my sweet funny kind girl as they go on as usual but there is nothing usual about how i view my life. There is no fun or normality anymore. I feel so angry that my girl was taken just as her adult life was beginning . She was 23 and tragically taken away from us from me but most of all it was all taken away from her. I miss her so much it hurts so bad. I feel my heart will never mend.


Dear Michelle
I’m sorry to read about your beautiful daughter. I lost a son last October, he was thirty. I have days that it’s manageable and others when it’s awful. I think it will always be like this. I’ll always miss him.

The pain is indescribable isn’t it? Thinking of you and sending a hug.

Im so sorry for you loss Purple. The pain is unbearable isn’t it. Losing your child is the worst pain you can experience and only a parent in our situation can understand. I know her brother’s loved her and also the rest of her family but don’t understand the hurt i feel. I hope you are getting the support you need Puple. Sending love to you x


I completely understand my daughter passed 2 years 2months ago. And I feel lonely even when I have my partner and family here for me. I miss her so much everyday I think of her every minute. We spent all our time together ever day. I hate life without her. X

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Chel66. Im sorry for your loss and completely understand your pain. I hate it that my daughter is no longer here and her life is over at the age of 23. I would swap places with her in a heartbeat and every day want to be with her. I know this is not possible as i have 2 sons and grandchildren who love me. I have been through some realy dark times but i know she wouldn’t want me to hurt so much. One day we will be together again and i have to believe that. I miss her every single minute of the day. I am sorry you are going through this and im sending my love and thoughts to you.

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Thank you. My Aimée was 25 she was born with Marfan syndrome and had many major heart and spine surgeries she was very bright and clever and beautiful inside and out and was very funny and a wonderful kind person and daughter. So I was her full time carer and we did everything together she took up dog training with a lady and I would drop her there twice a week for a few hours. She loved animals. Friends we come to me as it was easier but most of the time we shared together clothes shopping hospital appointments . Girly lunches and trips to the zoo and the cinema. So she was my best friend to in away tbh we loved each others company. It’s hard to be here now with out her. . Aimée lungs got worse it all seemed to happen suddenly. I wish I could wave a wand and bring all our daughters and sons back to us x

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Aww your daughter sounds wonderful. She must of been through such a lot and you also. I lost my daughter in such a different way. She was beautiful kind funny and so loving but tragically she met an evil man who abused her for three years until he went to prison for strangling her and breaking her nose. He served 8 weeks of a 4 month sentance. In that time she blossomed and was frightened for his release. 8 weeks later she was dead when she finally got the confidence to get rid of him for good. That night we lost our beautiful girl. I won’t go into what happened to her but i will never forgive or get over what happened to her but i can accept that i have lost her. Sorry for the long text. Even though we all have lost our children and the hurt and grief we all go through each loss is different but equally painful x

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It wasn’t as long as mine. I’m so sorry to hear your daughter’s tragic fate. I’m sure you have what ifs and if only I’d done this and that. It all seems a waste of life. I think that my daughter faught so hard to be here got through tough operations and never complained and loved her life even though it was tough at times she was in a wheelchair too because her physical complication. I miss her and will grief each and every day I’m here without her x

Your daughter was so brave and you. But people say to me that im brave and strong but im not. I have no choice but to get through each day. You loose part of yourself that i feel i will never get back. Our children are the brave ones. One thing i do know my daughter didn’t want to leave she was cheated of life. I can ask all the ifs and buts and feel the guilt of not protecting her even though she would not listen and take advice. I am so sad for you and your daughter and im very sorry for your loss x

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I’m sorry you too are now in this forever club like the pain will always be with us you must feel so guilty I can only image. I have guilt that I didnt take her back to hospital sooner though drs say it wouldn’t have matter. Then her having the talc procedure sometimes I think what would have happen if I had said no dont do it. I wish everyday I could go back and have the days again to change the way we did them to see what would have happened. People dont understand and say times a healer it will get better it makes me mad.

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Dear ladies
I can understand both your pain I lost my lovely girl aged 18 ten years ago she had cerebral palsy but she was determined bright and clever with a wicked sense of humour I’ve missed her everyday ( I was also her main carer) and it’s taken me a very long time to build my life without her , but I am still reeling from the shock but I have just lost my 23 year old son I can’t believe he’s not coming home he was our rock funny kind generous young man I can’t believe he’s gone as well I am so very broken 2 of my 3 children gone, my remaining daughter is in pieces just 25 she’s lost her sister and now her brother they were so close just 15 months apart they’ve been such a good team and supported each other now she’s alone my husband is a shadow of his former self and we muddle through the days taking up time , the pain is mentally and physically unbearable I think child loss has to be the most traumatic we shouldn’t out live our children it’s just not right or fair love to you both xxx

Dear Jayne2. I am so very sorry for both of your losses. I have 2 sons who are slightly older than my daughter Becky who i lost and from day 1 of loosing my daughter i am petrified of loosing my son’s. I can’t imagine the pain of loosing 2 of your children and my heart goes out to you. No it is not natural to loose any of our children and there is no pain and agony like it. I know my daughter would hate to see me a shell of what i was and i keep reminding my self of this but just can’t get myself even slightly there. Our children are our life. I wear a mask to let everyone think i am ok but inside i am screaming. Again i am so very sory for your loss and send my love to you all who are suffering the loss of our children. X

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Hi ladies,
So sorry I wrote my message …but realised it was so Full of misery so wiped it hope you’re all ok love to you all take care love Jayne xx

Jayne2. Why are you sorry?. Thats what we are all here for to support each other and to say how we feel. We are here when you are ready. Love to you x

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