Loosing my grandad

Im 25 and I lost my grandad 6 weeks ago. I woke up to the sound of my mum screaming on the phone crying and I rushed to her thinking what on earth is going on, and it was a paramedic telling her that her dad/ my grandad has sadly passed.
He was 76, healthy and no health issues. Walked and went to the gym (lightly) almost everyday.
He died in his sleep completely unexpectedly, his heart just stopped. My grandma found him when she woke up and we just couldn’t believe it, he was fine the day before, I spoke to him completely normally and grandma said he went to bed normally and didn’t feel ill or anything.
We are just heartbroken. I have fears for my grandma, on how she will cope potentially many more years without him, understandably this has destroyed her, I can see her shine has gone.
My mum is very good at covering she is ok but I know she’s not.
I suffer with anxiety and this has been my first loss, and I don’t know how to feel. I am heartbroken and cannot get over the fact I will never see him again after speaking to him everyday for basically my whole life. I am trying to be strong for them, but even after speaking to my grandma on FaceTime yesterday and hearing that she is eating dinner alone at her table is breaking my heart. Does anyone have tips on how to cope with these anxious thoughts and worries about the future.

Sometimes I even feel guilty about feeling this way if it was my grandad… is that normal? Especially with work when I have down days. We are an extremely close family so to me my grandad was my role model.

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I’m so sorry for the loss of your grandad, @A-D. It looks like this thread posted twice so I’m just closing this one so you can continue getting support on the other thread here: