Loosing my son through suicide

I lost my son through suicide 16th December 2017 he suffered mental health problems most his life off and on

I lost my son yesterday to suicide and I don’t know what to do

I’m so sorry that’s so raw do you want to talk about it

I lost my son 51 days ago the pain is not so traumatic now but it’s so very painful

I just can’t understand why he didn’t talk to me. I can not go to see him and I feel so bad but I can not see him like that.

I found my son in the most horrific way it’s just so awful

You have to do what ever you feel comfortable with now is not a time to make decisions

My son hung himself from the banister. He was being bullied. He changed alot. I just feel I’m not going to cope. I know I have to. I can not stop crying. You will totally understand the pain.

My son done the same I can understand your pain what age was he

He was 15. It is so raw and they say time will heal. I feel overwhelmed with guilt.

Do you have family around you as I said it’s so traumatic and raw you must be on absolute shock

Yes I do. I have family and friends. As you know though nothing anyone says helps however I’m glad I do have them around me. How are you coping now?

Badly I’m sorry to say

It’s so awful. I can’t eat or sleep. I can imagine it was and still is same for you. I’m angry with him. I’m so angry

I have his brothers and sisters around me and need to make sure they are ok. Im so glad I have them. Do you have any other children?

Yes 1 son

Is it helping you cope better? Stupid question like. I feel my kids are being stronger than I am.

My son suffered mental illness so all my attention went to him for many years so that’s not a question I can answer he lived alone I visited him a few times a week wasn’t enough tho

Have you seen your doctor yet they can put you in contact with bereavement help I saw my doctor a couple of weeks ago and I only phoned the bereavement help today (in tears)

He’s put me in diazepam for a few days. The hospital phoned and a bereavement nurse is going to ring me. I just can’t go see him. I don’t want to regret it but I’m not sure I would cope seeing him lay there

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