Losing a son

Hi i lost my son Nathaniel (forever 20) on 2nd May 2020, he would of been 21 on 24th June. Since Nathaniel passed my world has turned completey upside down and inside out and I can’t cope with it anymore.

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Hello Bruce.
I don’t have a son, I have 2 daughters but I am sure the pain of losing them would be comparable with what you are feeling now.
I am so sorry. I have no words to help you but I just waved you’re know that you are being heard and we are here for you.

Sorry, that should have said ‘wanted you to know’

Hi Bruce
My heart goes out to you as the pain of ,losing a child, son or daughter is very hard to bear. I lost my only son/child David 4 years and can still feel that my heart was broken. I try to keep busy but it is not always successful. During this pandemic it was awful and very lonely and I was scraping through as I love the company of people. I wish you well and maybe adjusting will help but it isn’t easy but we must go on for their sakes. Acceptance may come later but it is a hard road. God bless. Jan

I’m so sorry for your loss. I too lost my son suddenly in June…forever 22 :broken_heart:

Thank you RKeane for your reply, it always nice to read it. My heart goes out to you and everyone who has lost a child of either sex. The pain is excruciating and
very hard to describe. I wish you my blessings and hope you get comfort from this site, thank you again.

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Hi I’ve also lost my son on the 13 th June he would have been 24 on the 24th June ( same birthday as Nathaniel) we are getting through the days best we can the evenings and nights seem the hardest, we are still in utter disbelief we lost our daughter ten years ago and find it so hard to believe we are going through that pain all over again we have one remaining daughter who is 25 and are having to stay strong for her as she is broken her and Matt were a team supporting each other with the loss of their sister and now my beautiful boy has gone to, it’s a hard world, it seems as if everyone’s lives are normal until you go on this site and realise there are others suffering similar losses and pain which I feel brings a little comfort , take care everyone x


Thank you Jayne for your lovely words. I am deeply sorry about your losses. I was feeling alone until I read yours and others lovely people’s losses. I am not sure I could go through the heartache of losing David, he was only son and no grandchildren. Other people who haven ‘t walked in our shoes think we have forgotten about our loss. Michael English (Irish) singer says “”Don’t tie up my shoelaces unless you have walked in my shoes” , sums up the feelings. I am disappointed with people especially long standing friends who have hurt words coming out of their mouths. Wish I wasn’t so sensitive and vulnerable even after all this time. I send you my blessings and keep talking about your children they were gifts from God. I have long stopped blaming him. My heart goes out to you and your family, Jan

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Its 17 weeks today and im heart broken, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry today but I have, I deeply miss nat so bloody much, its the routines the little things that are no longer here. A part of me does wish i was no longer here its the oain, the ifs, buts and maybes. Nathaniel has been robbed of the rest of his life, he was diabetes type 1 been diagnosed at 1 when we nearly lost him then but this lock down made him paranoid and scared to to go to hospital incase he got the corona virus so nat passed away from keyetone acidosis and a ruptured intestine. I till my dying breath will blame the government and all the scaremongering folk for nats death because of miss information and the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

2 months ago i lost my son suddenly at the age of 20 the pain is unreal I’m still numb i was with him at the hospital when he passed away even at the funeral it seemed like a dream I’m now realising that he has gone and I’m being to greive I have his ashes and im not ready to scatter them and don’t know if i ever will i miss his smile and are chats over coffee i have such beautiful memories and i will always keep his memorie going x

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I too lost my son 9 weeks ago suddenly. I am so sorry for your loss, the pain is immeasurable, I literally can’t breathe with sadness at times. My heart is broken. Like you the funeral was like it wasn’t real… how could it be?
We have his ashes & like you can’t imagine scattering them. We had a ring made with his ashes incorporated in which is a beautiful keepsake but still so damn hard & sad. I go into his room & break down with sheer yearning for him. I can still smell him.
I am sending you strength & a hug from one parent to another who is suffering such horrendous loss.

Princess 310294
I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your dear son. 2 months ago. I lost my son, David 4 years ago and it still hurts like crazy. As a mother, I wasn’t allowed his ashes for what reason I will never know. I have now put memorial flowers in my small garden in his memory. I miss him more and more each day and sorry I cannot give you more hope. I don’t wake up every moment now dreaming and crying but he still remains in my heart. He was a Type 1 diabetic from the age of 4 years and only a few months before he passed, he had a transplant to enable the insulin via that and he had more control over it. RIP to all the young guys and girls. God bless to Mums and Dads too. Jan

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I know that everyday you think about them and the pain is unreal I’m sending massive hugs your way and hopefully we will find a way to heal never forget but move forward xx

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Jan, I am so sorry for your loss. I still miss my mum 40 years on, losing someone close sadly involves a lifetime of grief. I read recently the stronger the love the deeper the scars.
Sending love, strength and best wishes. I am 9 weeks into my grief after losing my 22 year old son & I have no idea how I’m going to get through. It’s not something you ever get over.

Don’t think the pain ever truly goes away its sad to say but my son took mdma on the 15th of June and on the 16th he passed away after his organs failed it’s sad to think what a single drug can do it was so sudden and so hard to cope with my heart goes out to everyone who is going through the pain of loss xx

Hi i know how you feel I had my son Nathaniel cremated even though I didn’t want that so nats ashes will be coming with me when I get buried so I fullfill his wishes to be buried near my mum his gran.

That is so beautiful to know that your son will always be with you and i will also keep Ryan with me and have his ashes buried with me xx

My son is called Ryan too.
Forever young
Forever loved & missed x

Thank you for your comforting words…I appreciate this caring site - it is the best… I send my blessing to all bereaved parents. I believe it is the hardest and most painful grief I have ever experienced in my lifetime. My heart is broken, Regards Jan🌹

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When Ryan passed away i was informed when you lose a child it’s classed as a trauma as it’s someone you would have never expected to pass away before you i will never stop thinking about him he was such a cheeky happy soul with a big heart and a massive smile to match he had so many good friends who are always posting on his Facebook which is a good blessing xx