Losing best friend my Mom

Lost my best friend my mom in August. Trying to deal with so many emotions.
Did so much together, she was such a big part in my every day life. Feel like its not getting any easier and its very hard when you do not have a supportive partner. Feel like i will never be myself again. Part of me has died too.


I don’t think we can truly ever be ourselves again. The old you that was picked up by our mums when we fell is no longer here. We have to become a new version of ourselves to navigate a new world without our mums. It’s the natural order of life, I think. My heart goes out to you.


Thank you for your reply.

I cannot navigate a new world at present, miss mom so much it hurts so bad.

same here. my mum left in october and i’ve been struggling ever since. i don’t think grieving operates in time like we expect, for us the present is completely obscured by the past. i think grief demands we stay in the past, reliving moments with our mum leading up to her last breath.

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So sorry to hear of your loss. People say it will get easier, feel thats hard to believe dont you?

This time last year we went away for a weekend too. Just take a day at a time thats all we can do.

i don’t know if it will get ‘easier’ but perhaps our perspective changes with time. death is always unexpected, so too are the ways we may heal.

Me too feel the same, feel like it wont get easier. In time perhaps we learn to deal with our loss and maybe feel happy again. Its lonely too when the support you think you should have from closest people you dont get and also have to deal with this.

Grief can’t be shared, but we can share in the healing process. Be good to yourself and know that you’re not alone in grief.


I will, thank you for the kind words. Be kind to yourself too

My mum passed just over three weeks ago at the grand old age of 97 , she had advanced alltzimers, since her passing it’s been her birthday early December , my birthday last week , it was her funeral today , I’m feeling totally drained tired out , in a state of disbelief all this has happened ! Dreading Christmas

I lost my mum my best friend in October I know exactly how you are feeling we were never apart I still have people saying to me along the road it’s so sad seeing you without your mum, yeah I know how do you think I’m feeling I’m lost without her she was my everything, I also have a partner who I feel doesn’t support me enough never had done in the 15 years I’ve been with him, my life will never be the same told him he doesn’t understand how I’m feeling as he still has his mum so he’ll never know what it feels like untill she has gone x

I’m hoping in time the hurt will ease and happy memories will come to the fore , that seems along way of at the moment thou , still early days and this time of year doesn’t help , it makes me feel even worse !

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Such a lot for you to deal with in short space of time. I felt that i didnt start to fully grieve until after the funeral. Sending hugs, take each day at a time

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Its hard to explain the feeling you have inside isnt it. I feel like a lost child wondering where their mom is.

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I still can’t fully comprehend what I’m doing I sit here and still can’t grasp that I’m never in my life time going to see her again it’s like a really bad dream every day when I open my eyes and have to go through the same motions as the day before my goal now is to just get through Christmas day I won’t really have time to think as I’ll be cooking it’s when I sit next to that empty space at the table it’s going to hit me all over again I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do anymore all I can see is her face constantly, everywhere I look there isva she is a constant reminder of her not being there x

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Christmas day is just another day , it’ll come and go as will every other day , I’m just going to get through it quietly at home , take my dog for a few walks get some fresh air , cook some sort of a dinner , turn in early I expect and that will the day done for me this year , no fuss just simple and easy as I can make it for myself


Just take each day as it comes, no pressure on yourself. Always remember its okay not to be okay.
I get different days where i feel different emotions, sometimes very dark days. Came across moms Christmas card last night which upset me knowing this was the last card, ive decided to still put this up and will do every year if needed


I was finding out one of Mums Christmas cards last night to put up. Last years card had very little writing in it as mum was struggling to write, so i thought id find out the card from 2021. I Couldnt find those cards so i pulled out the one from 2020. Oh my word, the message inside had me in floods. She had been clinically vulnerable during all the covid lockdowns, so it had been a really difficult time as she had been living alone. It said about thank you for looking after me this last year, i dont know what id have done without you, youre such a special daughter love you very much. But as i have just spent this last 11 months living with and caring for my Mum it just felt like she’d written the words to me now and was wanting me to hear it again - broke my heart :cry:


Each day were apart , doesn’t make us further away it’s just a day nearer we meet again ! That thought helps me a lot


I’m sorry for your loss. :heart: When we’ve been that close, I guess it’s bound to feel like a part of us has died. And when that happens it’s impossible to be quite the person we were beforehand. I lost my dad a few weeks ago and we did so much together as well.

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