Losing dad

I lost my dad last June and I suffered from a serious decline of my mental health. I had to go onto antidepressants. I have had the support of my partner through my dad’s illness and his passing with her being by my side on the night/day that he passed spending over 24 hours at his bedside with me. However I feel that she now expects me to be over it and with my dad’s birthday coming up I’m finding it really hard but feel no one in my social circle understands.


Hello @Sarah21, I’m so sorry for the loss of your dad. I’m glad to see you’re getting support on your other thread. @Debbie57 had mentioned a few Sue Ryder resources that could be helpful so I just wanted to share them for you here:

Please do keep reaching out - you are not alone.


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I conpletely know how you feel. My dad passed last august and i am struggling to make it reality. I still feel like hes going to ring or text me. He was 55 and im still in shock. I just feel numb. Always here of ypu need to chat to someone that isnt family. :blush:

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Thank you it’s good to speak to people who have gone through the same experience. Most days I manage to be completely myself but other day like today I really miss him and dreading his birthday on the 17th February. We haven’t managed to get him inturned yet so haven’t got a grave or headstone I can visit yet x

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@Sarah21 I lost my dad four months ago so I completely understand how you’re feeling. He was seventy two.

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I feel like that i have my dads ashes that i have no access to and feel like i have nowhere to go just to talk to him. My private messsages are always open of you need to talk x

How are you coping? I know it’s cliche but it does get easier x

Thank you, what sort of theses do you do to feel close to him or speak to h? X

Me? @Sarah21 x

Both of you x

I’ve not been on here for a while, so I’ve not really had anyone to talk too. But I’m just muddling through x

I have an ash necklace with his ashes in. It was recommended to me by a bereavement counsellor from Cruse to trying writing letters or keeping a journal or having a special place to go to talk to him or even just a plant in a little corner of a room x

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