Losing my adult son

Im back at work physically but no heart in it anymore . Im still just part time so its okay and my boss has been fantastic which has made it so much easier . Xx

Your not doom and gloom ,we are hear for each other :heart:i love chatting with both of you :heart:why do some people get a shit hand in life ? Ive always been grateful for everything i have but now looking back ive had it shit too just like both of you ladies ,life hasnt been kind to any of us xx

Youre so right life has dealt very cruel blows, its good that your boss is compassionate,
Sorry Zoe that you had breast cancer, i had a biopsy for a mole 2 weeks ago, still no results,
Im so glad i found you two too.
Exactly some people never seem to get any crap, not that im wishing it on anyone. Xx

Sorry about losing your mum too xx

I work with a girl whos always banging on about her mental health ,a young girl in her 30s . Just want to strangle her and say come on inside my head for just one f day and tell me about mental health x

Youve definitely had more of your fair share of crap♥️

Ive got everything crossed for your results :heart:

My daughter has three children shes 31 they was so close to uncle sam they spent most days with him two boys 10 and 7 and evie 5 saturday gone they talk about him every day . Evie says im not scared at school nan ciz sams with me .its madness xx

Dont worry about your mole it will be ok xx

Thats lovely what your wee granson says about Sam . I used to believe in something but after this happened i dont believe in anything . Wish i still believed cause it might have brought some comfort but im empty inside xx

Do either of you have husband/partners x

I have a partner . Been together 33 years but we are worlds apart .he wont talk about sam .and has always been the man in the chair. We are more like brother and sister x

I have a partner too ,weve been together for about that time too . He doesn’t talk that much about jade to me but if i get uoset he says he feels sad too . I now get quite anxious about stuff ,that tightness in your chest and your heart pounding and when i tried to tell him about it he just said he gets anxiety too . Think hes talking about NORMAL anxiety we all get in NORMAL situations, pretty sure i win this one :roll_eyes:x

Just a quick question ,are you both comfortable on this chat or would you rather do a private chat ? X

Hi both, thank you for your support, means so much. Aw bless them what lovely things to say about Sam.
Exactly i dont have patience anymore with people moaning about trivial crap.
I really want to believe, ive seen a robin in the garden a few times.
I have a husband but we dont get on, havent for years, hes very unfeeling, we sit in different rooms, same with my husband hes not very hands on with the grandchildren either. I know what you mean its a horrible feeling isnt it, we just dont talk.
To be honest i thought earlier this can be accessed by anyone cant it? Im not very tech savvy so dont know how to do it, that was always my sons dept xx

Hi Mum A. I’m sorry to hear about your devastating loss. I lost my daughter in January last year, she was 39. Like all of us it’s just overwhelmingly painful. You mentioned Compassionate Friends, they helped me more than I can say. When I contacted them I was in a dreadful state of grief and trauma. I contacted them and they really understood and scooped me up. I’ve been lucky enough that they introduced me to a Grief Companion, she lost her own son and helped me in every way she could, she also introduced me to other parents in the same situation. It has literally been a life line to me. They also run retreats. They are all people like us who ‘get it’ cos it’s happened to us. When I saw people who had lost children and survived and had the strength to help others it gave me a glimmer that maybe I could learn to live with it too. They aren’t a magic wand cos nothing takes the pain away, ever, but they have helped me emotionally and by being there and giving me support from the heart. I send you heartfelt wishes on your journey. Xxxx

Hi Nell2. Im sorry to hear of your loss too. I have spoken to a wonderful lady who runs one of the groups and she did give me a little comfort.
You are right they get it like no one else can. I am at that point of trama and in a dark llace. Thats what i need because it is hard to see how to.
Thank you so much for your kind words. Heartfelt wishes to you too. Xxxx