Losing my husband

I lost my husband on 5th jan , tomorrow is his funeral. I’m heartbroken and have no idea how I’m going to cope tomorrow or at all in fact

Dear @hearbroken
You have my heartfelt condolence for the loss of your husband. I’m so sorry, you have certainly joined this group which you will find will help you. Keep posting and reading. I hope the funeral goes well, when we laid my husband to rest in June last year I found the whole process in a strange way comforting. I knew where he was and no longer in pain, the anticipation is sometimes worse than the reality. Take care an God give you strength. Margarita

Dear @heartbroken,
I am so sorry for your loss. You will find the strength from somewhere. I lost my husband 8 weeks ago, and found the days after were a blur, like it was happening to someone else.
You will be in shock and trying to make sense of what has happened, we are all in the same boat, trying to keep afloat, keep sharing your thoughts, it helps and we are here for you. Big hugs.

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Hi, I lost my husband 8 weeks ago too. I never know when tears are going to flow - last week it was from Wednesday - Saturday evening and then on the Sunday I had a lovely day. If I’m busy I suddenly realise I haven’t thought about him and feel guilty. I feel guilty if I’ve laughed at the antics of my toddler grandson. I still ache for my husbands strong arms around me, It still doesn’t feel real that he’ll never be with me again.
Everyone talks about the new “ normal” with Covid but I honestly feel scared about returning to “ seeing” people as I will be by myself. It makes me tearful even writing this. People say I’m strong but that is my mask! My husband made me strong and I’ve lost my rock and have no idea of who I am or will be anymore,
I hate the name “ widow” but love the term “I am the wife of a husband with Angel wings “x

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It hurts so much doesn’t it? I can relate so much to what you are feeling. Tears flow out of the blue. I was walking my dog and just found myself in floods, I saw someone I know in the shop but I couldn’t talk to them I just rushed out and then felt bad as they probably wanted to say how sorry they were to hear the news.
Don’t feel bad for having a happy day or enjoying the small things. I like to think my husband would want me to find some happiness, it doesn’t mean you are being disloyal. We have to get through this however we can, it’s so hard to except they’ve gone. My husband was my rock too, my best friend, we did everything together, we didn’t have children, we had 30 wonderful years, I think we are still both in shock it’s early days, be kind to yourself, hugs.

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Hi all
I lost my husband December 5th
So hard I haven’t stop crying
Can’t seemed to be bothered to do anything
Andy was my life I always put him first and he was the same with me
When he passed 95 percent off me went with him
My body here but nothing else
Big hugs to you all xx

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Oh Debbie, I am so very sorry, it is so hard isn’t it, we are all in shock and can’t take in that they are gone, it’s like a nightmare, but it’s not, it’s real. The lockdown makes it so much harder at a time when we need hugs and to see our friends. We are all trying to cope the best we can. Was your Andy ill for some time? My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer but had no symptoms which was so cruel and he died within a few weeks.

No me and Andy caught Covid 10 off November he was poorly and 23 off November he was taken in to Leicester royal hospital in intensive care 25 off November he was put on a ventilator and in a coma he never came round he passed December the 5 he was fit and healthy before never Poorly no problems at all
I can’t cope with it all xx

I am so sorry, that’s heartbreaking, I feel for you so much, there is no time to prepare, if that’s even possible, just remember you are not alone…sadly.
We are all feeling the same and will be there for each other. Hugs.

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I lost my husband John 10 days ago. I feel so lost but oddly not as alone as I was, due to this community. Iur stories are all similare. Our love that is so real and so strong
I cry from minute to minute. I hope that one day, its hour to hour. I want him to be proud of me but know that every thing I do. Evrrywhere I go. Every breath I take in. He is there slap bang in the centre of my heart, albeit broken x

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So sorry for your loss
I have just got back from cemetery go there everyday to see Andy
Miss him so much not sure if I can carry on being here
Without him pain gets to much
And hate weekends xx

Please don’t think like that, my heart breaks for you. I’m sure he wouldn’t want you to suffer like this. This is all new to me but all we can do is try to find a new way of life, different i agree. Our love will never lessen or leave us. I struggle to see what that life is but I know I want to make him proud. We’re here for you x

Days are bad enough
But weekends kill me that was mine and Andy time
Live to you all x

I understand. We will get there. Take care xxx

Debbie55 I am so sorry for your loss. My husband died with Covid in January and I also feel that part of me went with him. My body aches and my heart is broken. I pray that I can get through the tears and the pain and I wish the same for you. Marion

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Debbie55 I feel the same about the weekends. Paul and I always spent the weekend together, it never mattered what we did. Now I just feel lonely and sad.

So sorry for your loss
It all so heartbreaking and painful
We have been robbed off a happy life now
I miss Andy so much pain is unbearable
Please take care and text anytime xx

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Debbie55 I feel very alone and when I think about the future it scares me. I live with my son, when he is not working he is in his room, I know he needs his space but I sit alone and that is when the tears come. Paul and I were married for 34 years and were always together and it’s so hard to adapt to being alone. We have no close family, just a few distant cousins but I do have some good friends. I miss Paul so much. How do I deal with being alone and being lonely?

I really don’t know
I am so alone it was always me and Andy
Really is so hard
Sending hugs to you xx

Debbie55 thank you and hugs back to you. How long is it since Andy passed away?

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