Losing someone who I love

So on Monday I lost my girlfriend of 11 years she was my rock and will always be in my heart, she’s always been there for me through thick and think.

She had diabetes which led to her having dialysis for her kidneys and had multiple heath problems, last Christmas she had a stroke and heart attacks I had to see the paramedics do CPR on her which scared the hell out of me. So the last 2 months she’s been in hospital due to having another stroke which made her more weak as in she lost feeling on her right side she couldn’t walk then 2 weeks ago she had 2 more heart attacks due to her having too much potassium in her body and she was in ICCU on a ventilator, sedation and was on strong antibiotics as well as strong pain relief

So her health declined these past 2 weeks her body couldn’t cope with all the complications and on Monday i think she just had enough her family including me were there right till the end but no these past 2 days I’m finding it hard to cope to eat, sleep and concentrate ive been talking to family and friends but I can only talk to them for so long, if anyone on here that wants to talk or can help me that I would be forever grateful and thanks for your time.


So sorry for your lose if you would like to talk fell free sometime it help talking to other people rather than your family your going to fell like this but take one day at a time

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Thank you it hurts so much :cry: and I can only talk to my family so much, leanne was my rock she has helped me through some tough times we’ve been through alot so thank you again if you need to talk I’m here to

It’s ok my story different I lost my mum dec last year than I lost my dad 26 days later i the day of my mum funeral I just felt numb and still can’t work out want went wrong some days I fell alright and other days I still cry I just miss them so much I try and keep myself busy and one day at a time people think your alright now but deep down your not but you just put the face on because you can’t do anything else and people just expect you to be fine after a couple of months so come on here and let it out

So sorry for your loss. None of us would choose to be in this club. Sounds like you have been though so much since Christmas and your girlfriend has had so many problems. It’s so hard to watch the one we love suffer . She will always be with you in your heart. Everything is raw at the moment we are all here for you so keep on talking and hope you can feel some peace knowing she is not in pain anymore. Bless you xx

Thank you so much I was told life will get harder before it gets easier and talking is the best medicine

I lost my dad when I was 14 I was only young and didn’t think of it and now I’m 38 and I see life so different it’s too short leanne was 36 she had some many health problems and I keep thinking that she’s not in pain anymore she’s at peace but it still hurts so much and I don’t know how I am going to cope

Your right life is short think what your lovely girlfriend would be saying to you right now

If you want to talk or a shoulder to cry on I’m here we are all going through the same thing and talking is the best medicine

Well they say talking is the best medicine did you have any kids

Are you still in contact with her family

Sadly we couldn’t have children and I’m still in contact with her family we were all together when leanne passed away they said I won’t be alone and they are there if I need anything.

That’s good you still got them and plenty of friends to help and us if you need to talk everything just takes time try and get some sleep

Are you helping plan her funeral

I’m trying to help in anyway I can but don’t know where go begin I do

Hi Jeff did you get some sleep

I had a few hours but I don’t really sleep much these days for last 2 months I’ve been going to sleep around 3 am and been getting up for 9 as it was the time I use to ring the hospital to see if I could visit leanne, just feels strange

Do you work

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die it’s just a little quote I found online

I used to work but since leanne fell ill I was her carer