Loss of a husband

I lost my wonderful husband on Christmas day this year to cancer. I miss him so much. I can’t stop crying. He was only 46. I’m an absolute wreck and I dont see how it’ll ever get better.

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So sorry I no that feeling,I feel like I am in a dark hole and no way out my husband died December the 5th off COVID organ failure xx

Dear Legolaslass
I am so sorry that your husband passed away in the day that is significant to many while your were feeling the raw pain.

It is only 8 days ago when the heart is totally broken and breathing is just impossible, when we wish we could give part of soul and body so our loved one can live.

I wish i could give you an advise to stop the pain, but the only thing i can say he is not suffering, he stopped
Feeling pain 24/7. He fight as long as he could .
He knew you love him and probably his last thought was for his loved ones.

Sendimg you love. Xxx

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@Legolaslass it is so recent, you must still be feeling numb and in shock, it is no wonder you feel a “wreck”
I’m not sure if it gets better or we get used to living with the pain of missing our partner. It’s eighteen weeks for me, I still shed tears at some point most days, but I don’t think it’s everyday now.
Would you like to tell us about your husband?

So sorry to hear. I’m 7 months down the line and although I have a supportive family, the pain and loneliness is unbearable. Big hugs. X

I lost my husband to mesothelioma 5 weeks ago he died a horrible death he was only 60 years old I’m devastated i can’t stand the loneliness coming home to an empty house i miss him so much

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Hi Lorra5
I am struggling so much my husband died off Covid December the
5th ,I can’t stand coming back to the home where we built together
All the happy times Xx

hello debbie55 thank you for response my husband died on the 7th of Decembe I to am struggling we did everything together i have the support of my family but it’s not the same they don’t know how I feel in front of them I am fine but when I get home I just cry hate coming home hate going anywhere as we went everywhere together i have good memories but I just wish he was still here miss him so muchx

It so hard don’t even want to eat the food we both loved
My sons have been good and try and help
But like you I just want Andy back And I know that won’t happen
It heartbreaking,
Sure I will have to move house as there to much pain here now xx

I’m thinking of moving also hate being in the house hate coming home he died at home (that was his wishes) which i’m glad just the horrible memories him taking his last breath hate staying in the area he worked in everywhere i go he was there x

Really is so unfair
Please keep in touch let me no what you decide to do
My family think I should wait at least a year xx

will do don’t think I can wait i pass his work place every day to much bad memories there x

Big hugs. I’m 7 months in and it’s unbearable.

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I am 3 months without my wonderful husband. I also hate being in the house, it holds too many memories. I stay at my daughters 2 nights a week which is lovely but when I come home to an empty cold house, I cant stop the tears. Ive been told not to consider moving for at least 12 months but I cant stand another day never mind 9 months. Have any of you regretted moving?

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Everyone said to me don’t move for at least 12months
My mother in law lost her husband when she was 50 he was 56 she left there house and never went back she moved 4 times in 5 years wasted a lot off money she told me to wait because all we try and do is try and find what we had with are husbands
But can’t see me waiting 12 months xx

nobodies told me not to move I’m in a council house I’ve already put in for a move to a different area i go to my daughters and my sisters but when I get home the tears flow to much memories good ones but I hate my home x

I’m sorry I haven’t been on here much or replied to the wonderful, kind people who have commented, but my brain doesn’t seem to work any more. My husband’s funeral was on tuesday and now I’m just dealing with the fact that hes really never coming back. It’s like, up until then, I thought that maybe there had been a terrible mistake and he’d just come walking back through the door. Stupid, I know. My girls are fantastic but I’m lost without him.

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Me to I don’t go anywhere but cemetery and back here I lock the door and cry xx

So lost without Andy it a bloody nightmare xx

me to so lost without David it’s only been 6 weeks but seems like yesterday he was here x