Loss of my daughter

Hi i’m new to the group. My beautiful daughter died last November to say i’m heartbroken is an understatement.


So sorry to hear about your daughter, our 44 year old daughter also passed away last year and we remain devastated by her loss. Nobody understands how hard it is to lose a child, whatever their age, until they have suffered that agony. Fortunately on this site there are people who do understand and are there for you. Please contact if you need to! x


Thank you Buff.
I am so sorry to hear your news too, its tragic.
I am beyond grief sticken for the life she’s lost,its such a ripple effect, and affects so many people. Can i ask did you have any counselling after this? I havnt yet as no one seems to have contacted me so i actually feel very alone, i’m not sure if its something you have to arrange yourself but i honestly thought more support would be there.

That feeling of loneliness is the worst, I found that up to the funeral there were a lot of people around us, after the funeral it just seemed as though the closure everyone else felt was assumed for us too! At the moment it feels like a rollercoaster of emotions still, some days are much worse than others, and lots of different things bring back the realisation of what has happened. I haven’t sought out counselling, but maybe should have!

I feel so so angry. Cannot go a day without breaking my heart, especially when i see her 2 little boys, it isnt fair on them.

I know exactly what you mean, although my daughter and her husband unfortunately didn’t have any children, she was very close to her two nieces who both miss her and speak about her all the time! I’ve kept her voice message from her phone so I can still hear her voice and we are doing everything to keep her memory alive. The range of emotions is incredible as time moves forward, and anger is still one of them, even now 8 months after we lost her. Take care of yourself and cherish your grandchildren xxxx

I will, they rely on us alot, even more now.
Yes i was just saying to one of my colleagues how difficult i’m finding it back in work, putting on a brave face everyday and having to smile sweetly is becoming increasingly hard.

It becomes a bit of a habit, that when people ask us how we are, we just say we are fine, no matter how we are feeling. Trouble is I don’t think they really want to know how you feel , they are being polite and remembering our circumstances. So we smile and everyone thinks we are coping. xxx

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I have to be honest work have bben amazing, they know i’m stuggling and suggested yesterday i take some time off.
The problem i have is i’ve been there a very long time and everyone knows me or knows what happened as its very customer based( Opticians) and i cant get away from it at the moment so i’m finding it very hard .x

Personally I have found that it’s better to try to keep busy as it tends to help me stop thinking about my loss, but also recognise that we all grieve in different ways and one coping mechanism doesn’t fit all! However look after yourself and do what’s best for you! xxxxx

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I lost my 26yr old daughter in january this year and no words can describe how i feel ,just like everyone on this chat,im devastated

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I am so so sorry for your loss. I completely understand how you must feel
To be honest i dont know how we get thro the day.
I rang the docs today to arrange some counselling mainly because i felt i had too, i really dont know how it will help, i naively thought when you have any form of counselling it would be to change your mindset on how you deal with things, like for instance, drugs alcohol or a relationship, but talking about this doesnt help because you cant change the outcome, it wont bring her back so i find it very hard to talk about her without breaking my heart, as i did today and most days.
I hoping in time it will get better, for me and everyone on here.

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What happened to your daughter if you dont mind me asking?

She died of cancer ,it was the 4th time she had it and they just couldn’t fix it anymore . She fought for 11 years and never complained ,she was a wee fighter .

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How sad, what cancer was it?

Osteosarcoma which started in femur and moved to lung

I am sorry. No one should be in this postion when you lose a child, its the wrong way around. Xx

Babs never a truer word! Totally the wrong order of things! xxxx

It should have been me ,she should still be here making memories. She was much stronger than me and would have coped better than i am she would have known how to get through this

Believe me,i’ve said the same words recently, she has 2 little autistic boys to look after and they need her, i would happily given my life for her’s. X

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