Lost 2 children

I feel so sad and lost.My daughter aged 32 died 2 years ago from an overdose and my son only 16 died 5 months ago from a brain hemorrhage.
I find it so hard each day to get up and do anything,I generally just sit and stare at the tv.i miss them both so much and cant understand how life can be so cruel.
It’s hard to talk to any family or friends as they get upset and I dont like seeing them upset and if I try to talk about how I feel I cry so much I cant talk.If I have a better day and even smile I feel guilty about being happy

Dear Steph…My heart goes out to you,to lose one child is unbearable but to lose two, I just can’t begin to imagine how you are feeling…my love and thoughts are with you…God give you the strength to stay strong…Thinking of you …Marina xxx

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Dear Steph
I’m so sorry to read your post. Losing two children - I cannot imagine your pain. I lost my younger son 18 weeks ago and I’ve learnt to live without him but it’s so very hard. I miss him every day :cry::broken_heart:
You will find love and support here. Don’t feel guilty about showing your feelings…equally if you can find a happy day then embrace it. None of us chose these awful losses- we are here for each other.
Love and hugs x

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