Lost my 23 year old son

I’m crying again whilst writing this I still can’t process what’s happened my 23 year old son passed away just over a week ago he would have been 24 on Wednesday he was fit and healthy it’s such a shock on top of that I’d already lost my daughter 10 years ago before her 19th birthday she was disabled I can’t believe I’m having to go through this nightmare again

Jayne, I cannot possibly know what you are going through, I can only imagine how it must feel, to lose one child is bad enough but now your son, my heart goes out to you, have you any other family that are supporting you ? You never expect to lose your children, it’s not the normal way, we are meant to go before them, I’m not being very supportive here, but please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, sending love and hugs xx

Thank you, I feel broken my husband and I are devastated we have one remaining daughter she is 25 we are trying to stay strong for her but it’s such a shock I never thought I’d have to grieve for another child he was my funny cheeky caring boy I will miss him my whole life I have good family and wonderful friends but the physical pain is immense

I’m so pleased you are not on your own, the pain you are feeling must be unbearable, I know you are being strong for your daughter, but you must be kind to yourself, allow yourself to grieve, as I said before my thoughts and prayers are with you all xx

I have also lost 2 children Gemma at age 32,two years ago and then 9 months ago my 16yr old son to a brain hemorrhage. I also have one other daughter
I can understand the trauma and pain you are going through.The death of a child is like no other death but to have 2 there are no words to Express the emotions we go through.
I’m here to talk if needed

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Thank you I am so sorry for your losses it’s so awful to loose a child I still can’t believe it’s happened again it would be good to talk to someone who has felt similar immense pain I wanted to die last week but have to keep strong for my beautiful daughter but it’s so very hard x

I feel the same,my daughter left behind 2 children and I have 2 other grandchildren so keep going for them.
I always say when Gemma died my heart broke and then when Joe died my heart totally shattered.
I do try and look for positive but find it so hard
Joe was an organ donor ,I like to think of him being alive in others and still having a life but then I get angry that he isn’t with me and shouldn’t have died xx

So sorry Steph heartbreaking that we have to go through this because of Covid I’m still not sure if I’m even allowed to dress him I haven’t seen him yet I’m so scared but need to hold his hand one more time when my daughter died I felt the need to be in her room touch all her things I can’t bear to walk past his bedroom door he always used to check on me ask if I was ok so kind and loving I understood when you said about your heart being shattered that’s how I feel like someone’s taken it out and stamped on it I really am so sorry for your losses I couldn’t believe there were other people out there that had also lost not only one child but two

I am so sorry you are going through this, i lost my youngest son 16 years ago he was 10, and this year my husband died, after a short battle with cancer , the pain is unberable, when my son died i was told that the grief is like a rough stone with sharp edges that we carry in our chests, overe time the edges smooth but we allways carry the stone, and every now and then the sharpness returns. I hope for you this turns true and that your pain becomes more berable.