Lost my mum suddenly

I lost my mum at the end of June. A total shock, one minute she was there and we were saying good night and the next she was gone. She was my best friend. We spoke every day and met up at least once a week. She was the best granny to my 3 year old daughter and they had such a wonderful relationship. I miss her every minute, my daughter doesnt understand and I just feel lost. I am.so emotional at the moment.

Hi Jenny,
Very sorry to hear about your mom and how hard that is for you and your family. My dad passed suddenly a year ago in June also. The pain of grief is real. For a long time, I thought the universe made a huge mistake and took the wrong person. It was all so hard to process. I can’t say that we have come to terms with it, but it has gotten less raw and painful over time. Everyday you wake up, and for a second all is normal, and then it hits you again. That part gets a bit easier over time.
Wish we could bring them back.

Hi @Jennyt, so sorry for the loss of your Mum. I understand as I lost my Mum in March, it wasn’t sudden as such because she had cancer so I knew she was ill but it was still a shock that she passed when she did as no one expected her to go then as she was due to have more chemo. They think her heart took her due to the cancer. I was the same, as my Mum was my best friend as well, we spoke daily and met up regularly. I also have a son who recently turned 3 and he doesn’t understand either. Due to only being 2.5 when she died, he just accepted it. I find it hard that he might not remember her as she adored him and they were close, but I think children look at things so differently. I hope it helps to post on here and please do message if you want to talk. I have found it does help a little bit. I also started a thread that has a few ladies that have lost their mums, you might find it helpful. Missing Mum
Take care x

Hi jennyt
Like Ell, I lost my mum suddenly in june 2019.
We were laughing and joking as mum waited in hospital for a 1 hour operation. I said I would ring the ward at 5pm, check she was ok and be back to take her home in the morning. My mum suffered a massive brain hemorrhage in the recovery room and never woke again.
Life wasn’t supposed to be like this. I was supposed to have my mum for another 20 years
The shock is tremendous, the living without her even harder. I still cry regularly almost 16 months down the line.
My daughter was 12 when mum died and she misses her nan terribly.
I completely understand how you feel.
Cheryl x

Hi Jennyt,
I’m so sorry to read your post. I lost my mum in an accident in March – she was there one minute and gone the next, and we were very close. I’m going for long walks every day and spending that time remembering her. I’ve been writing down things she used to say and writing our family history.
In my case the shock is still there after 7 months. I haven’t been through the usual grieving process because of COVID – I couldn’t get to Mum and we couldn’t have a funeral. It’s really difficult, but I do find that I look forward to my walks and it helps me to have a daily routine. Getting outside, breathing the fresh air and appreciating the natural world seems to help me (even in the rain). I come home in tears every time, but that’s part of the reason I do it – to give myself time to cry quietly on my own.