Lost my mum to covid 19, I am devastated but also very angry

I also lost my Mum to Covid in April.
She was 61 with no underlying health conditions.
She was also ventilated but they managed to get her off it after 8 days. She died the following day.
Happy to message as I know I am struggling, I never got to see my Mum as I had a young baby so wasnt allowed in to the hospital

Hi Rachel I had very similar circumstances. I’m still so devestated and one of the things I’m never gonna get over is not saying goodbye as my daughter was sheilding. My dad was 61 with no underlining conditions. So devastated for u. :broken_heart:

Its so difficult, I constantly feel exhausted.
I hadnt seen my mum since the day before Mother’s Day. She was admitted on 7th April & then passed on 16th.
I miss her so much

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Dear Rachele85

So sorry to hear that, sounds like you been through hell like me… my mum was on the ventilator for 25 days and it was a huge fight to keep her on it!
Funeral was another strange one it all seems like we were denied basics rights ((
My mum passed away 17th April
Did anyone else go in to see her ?

I am grateful that I spent the week with her nursing her she was so bad they just kept saying stay home until she had very low oxygen and in my opinion too late but all I have left it doubts and ifs and buts

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Hi Rachel,
I last seen my dad on 10th March. He went to Spain and come back with the virus. He went into hospital the March and passed away the 4th April. I miss him so much and I work at the hospital he died in. I honestly everyday have to remind myself it happened. And still don’t feel like it is real. I also find the circumstances of the small funeral, no hugging, not saying goodbye, returning to work so soul destroying. I’m sure u feel the same. I don’t think I’m ever going to get over losing him. He was my best friend.

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I don’t know how you work there I can’t face even driving past the hospital I take another route!

I have struggled this week with the increase in cases. I work in the pharmacy and all I hear all day is them sending medicines up for the Covid patients. It makes my stomach turn every time