Lost my soul mate

My husband died last week and the pain is unbelievable he was only 52 I’m 51 and I just hate the pain I feel now and I just want to hold him


I wish I found this site weeks ago , I am 56, and I lost my husband suddenly to heart attack 10 weeks ago, he was more than my other half, he was my 3 quarter ! My best friend, my lover, my soul mate, my Mr perfect, the thought of 30/40 years without him, your not alone with the feeling of just wanting to hold them x


I’m so sorry for your loss @Cookie1973

You’ve done right coming on here.
No one can take away your pain but we all understand. We know exactly what you’re going through because we’re going through it to.
Please kerp posting on here. We will sll listen, and support you

Sending you a big hug

Thanks guys it does help knowing I’m not on my own, I’m going to see Tony on Friday the first time since he passed, I know it’s not hit me really yet but the pain is unbearable I would give anything to hear him again

We understand and our thoughts are with you

Love and hugs x

Thanks Liro hope your doing ok :heart:

I lost my beloved husband 5 weeks ago and I’m really struggling with the loneliness. I’ve just joined this forum tonight and I’m wondering if others here are recently bereaved too .

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Cookie I’m so sorry. It’s awful isn’t it. That need and yearning to hold him again. I know how you feel

Hello, It is 4 weeks for me. Still raw and stumbling through each day. Sudden cardiac arrest whilst in bed. Never smoked, didn’t drink, fit and well.
I hope you find this site as supportive as I do. Nobody judges, just understanding and love from everyone here because we are all going through this. Xx

Willow thank you. It helps knowing others are having the same struggles. I’ve been worse this week than before. It must have been such a shock for you.

I think it’s great having people to talk to on the same position, it does bring comfort to me let’s help each other :heart:

You’re right Cookie. No one who hasn’t been through this understands. They might think they do but it’s pain beyond what I could imagine. I was hoping to be in contact with others like me whose loss is recent so pleased you started this post

I’m sorry for your loss @Woolly

Yes we’re all bereaved on here, some more recent than others.
We’re all here for you. We all understand what you’re going through

Sending hugs x

Thanks Liro. You’re kind.

I’m a bit further on,17 weeks,
but close enough to remember the rawness
And still feeling the incredible pain

X x

Hi, I am so sorry to hear this and know exactly how you must be feeling. My partner (51) passed unexpectedly in his sleep just over 5 weeks ago. I am struggling with the loss, he was my best friend and soul mate. I am not sure how i will get through this, the grief is horrendous. I am hoping joining this site and chatting to people in similar situations will help.


Hi Louise so sorry for your loss, the pain is just excruciating isn’t it. Do you have family or friends to support you ?

Hi @Louise5051

I’m so sorry for your loss.

You have done the right thing in joining this site.
It has helped me through some very dark times You realise you are not alone and everything you’re feeling is normal.

Sending big hugs x

Louise you and I are at the same stage, 5 weeks here too.
We’d been married nearly 54 years and did everything together, I just can’t cope with the thought of not having him here

So sorry fir all your loss everyone Im alot further than you all are I lost my husband suddenly 23rd December we had just arrived in spain 22nd to celebrate Christmas He passed suddenly in bed Aortic aneurysm He ws 57 and we’d been together 40 yrs Its so very hard to deal with all this pain and still don’t believe it happened to him Being strong and healthy until then Im now at stage of trying so hard ( think everyone expects you to be dealing with this nightmare better) and i feel everyone maybe getting fed up with me talking about still not believing this nightmare happened Also now im feeling gulit if i try to do normal things ( like going for lunch ) Sorry to say with me its still very hard but i just keep trying Some days are better now but you need to dig deep for the strength We are all in this nightmare and all i can say is its horrible and cry shout scream when you want Ive been told to toughen up by family and honestly until you go through this nightmare no one knows the pain Also everyone has a different relationship with their partners so i get angry getting told how i should be feeling now We all just need to vent our feelings and im so grateful for this forum and all you lovely people We’re all struggling but hopefully it gives us some strength Take Care :blue_heart: xxx