Lost my soulmate

Hi I just recently lost my soulmate and partner recently, it was a sudden death and I found her dead when I returned home. Really struggling to cope as she was my life, the only person I completely confided in and the longer shes gone the more of a hole I realise thats been left and nothing can fill it. I’ve never experienced this level of pain and just dont know what to do, I cant focus on anything and when I do get out I find myself getting angry when I see couples together, I know I cant have her back and although I have family and a few friends i’m so lost and lonely without her. We spoke every day we were together, I keep waiting on her to walk in, phone or message me and the longer she’s away the harder it gets.

Hi Gregor, so sorry for the loss of your lovely wife. I echo everything you have said, It has been 7 months for me since I lost my husband suddenly to a heart attack so I know exactly how you are feeling. You are not only grieving the loss of your soulmate but also your future together which has been snatched away in the cruelest way possible. There are so many of us on here who are all going through the same as you so keep posting and sharing your feelings. It helps to connect with others who can empathize with you, sending you a big hug :revolving_hearts:

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I have the same feelings I lost my love around three weeks ago do to a sudden heart attack when he was fit and healthy.
There is no meaning of life…as he is not coming back and I am angry , hate everyone

Can not stand seeing any happy family

I have just those feelings too, sudden death is such a terrible shock as well as pain. My husband died after a sudden unexpected stroke seven weeks ago from which he never regained consciousness, he had just gone to sleep.Lovely for him, we keep telling ourselves , but that hole in your heart and life seems to just get bigger with every day that passes. There is a lot of comfort in being able to pour out your heart on this site where everyone seems so understanding and non judgemental.And to realise others are suffering in the same way and it is normal. Love and thanks to all x

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Thank you MrsColt,
Yeah we were so happy together and planning all sorts of adventures together, think the worst bit is not getting to say goodbye. But thank you for your kind words and its good to know others understand

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So sorry for your loss. I lost my wife study 2 weeks ago and have only recently found this site. You will find friendly people on here who do understand. Like you I have a massive hole and find it difficult to get through an hour without being emotional.
I use this site to share my loss and what was unfair.
Although no one can take the pain away it does help when you share with others who do know what the pain feels like.
P.s. I’m writing this in tears which is my life at the moment.

Thanks bjane xx

So sorry for al the pain wish we could all
have a hug. Sending love x

Thinking of you all right now. It’s been 5 weeks today since I lost my husband suddenly. I don’t honestly know how myself and daughters have come this far. It’s very difficult but we seem to somehow get through each day.
The pain is awful the worst heartache ever , then I get the feelings of what if this or that had happened would Mark of been alive, sadly I know the answer to this is no as this is what hospital drs told me but this doesn’t make it any easier does it xx

Jools I feel your pain and know what you’re going through. It’s something we’re never prepared for my husband died seven weeks ago and I’m sorry to say it doesn’t feel any better, just so raw. Bit it will
get better, I think we are very numb initially and just go about everything, funeral, paperwork, etc on automatic pilot but then it suddenly kicks in that this is for real now and how it’s going to be for ever. We’re on our own now, no matter how much love and support we receive, and we are going to have to become strong so our partners would be proud of us. I know it will come, we just have to be patient and get through each day as best we can. Sending love and understanding x

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Thank you BJane,
Never used a forum before but from what i’ve read there seems to be some comfort talking to people who have also experienced similar painful experiences, I know its been going through my mind that people trying to comfort me havent experiened it and can go back to their lives. Trying not to get bitter about that but its so difficult.

I agree its really difficult seeing anyone whos happy, just makes the pain worse as you know you cant have that happiness with your partner who you shared everything with

I think thats one of the parts i’m struggling with, having to be the strong one, thats always been my role in life and dont know how i can be strong anymore as Elaine was where i drew my strenght from

Gregor, you’re not alone. I’m just sitting here thinking what a lovely day and he’s not here to share it with. Nothing special, maybe sitting or working in the garden, going for a walk, having a chat, just the things we all take for granted.And nobody else will do,no matter how much we love them and they love us

My first time on this site
I lost my soul mate and husband of 45 years on the 19th may
The funeral was today and I’m just numb my brain can’t handle the fact he’s gone
I’ve never been alone and I miss him so much. I’m carrying on as normal but I’m on auto pilot and I spend a lot of time staring into space.
Terrified of all the birthdays and Christmas alone
I have a daughter and she lives close to me which is lucky but I try not to crowd her, she is in a new relationship.
I see her everyday even if it’s for 10 mins but I think the grief when we are together hurts too much
I’m very aware she’s lost her Popsy who she adored, and coming to my house reminds her so much of him

I lost my husband 4 weeks ago and it’s devastating, all our plans gone and the intense feelings are awful. Some days I don’t want to get up but I’ve got to because of our 8 year old daughter.
I hate seeing happy people, families out laughing and smiling. All that has gone for us. I’m not usually bitter but that’s how I’m feeling at the moment.
I just want my husband to come home and miss his so,so much.
There are so many of us going through this pain and it’s heartbreaking and devastating just hope we can all see a way through it.

I so sorry. I lost my wife of nearly 23 years 3 weeks ago she was 53. I understand how you feel. But no-one can feel the heart ache and pain you feel. I feel my pain no one else could possibly feel and I guess you are the same. The suddenness and errors by doctor’s over the past year adds to it. We never had children and got little family so I can only imagine the additional pain having a child.
I have photos around of good memories but they get overtaken by the little everyday things like hairdryer noise or shoes left out.
As others have told me you will get through it in a way that’s best for you.
I keep telling myself that I’m glad for the time we had together although cut short. Little compensation I know but trying to keep a little positive. I can’t smile yet . As you said it hard swing other having fun. I’m 49 and my wife was 53 and I’m increasing finding it difficult to talk to the older generation.
Use the good support on these pages as I have and you will notice you are not alone.


Yorkie I feel the same. I need be strong because our 7 years son. My live left me a beautiful child and it hurts me more when I think what he is going through and make me more sad as none of us should be going through this so early.

I was just talking to my mum which pictures I will choose for the funeral they are all happy, beautiful? And added at the moment I can stand with any happy young families!
I am missing him so much as we did everything together we were a great team family. So why this happened, why to us?

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I know I keep thinking that why did this happen ?
How cruel we were married so long and I miss him so badly

I’ve kept saying the same, why us. The pain is terrible and some days are just awful. But I’m having to keep going because my daughter needs me to be strong. She’s a great girl and gives me strength.
I just hope things will get better because I don’t know if I can cope with this pain forever.

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