Lost the love of my life

I lost my lovely husband on 4th of July.very very suddenly of a massive heart attack.I can’t believe it has happened it was such a shock. I don’t know if I will ever get over it .At the moment I’m on automatic pilot.

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Hi sorry for your loss 3 months since my husband passed at first you are on auto pilot your emotions will be all over the place roller coaster I finding it so hard I think reality is kicking in Mick is not here started having panic attacks I wish I could tell you it’s going to be ok we all grieve differently . I will never get over it. I’m 58 been together 36 years it’s heartbreaking sending you hugs x

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Hi, i am no stranger to grief, my grandparents have died, my parents have died and loved uncles and aunts, i have lost my youngest son aged 10 and recently my husband aged 58, my son died in an motorway pile up 2004 and my husband died very quickly in May of this year to liver cancer, due to covid 19 this was really difficult, no friends or family to hug, funeral arranged over the phone a coffin choosen online, You never get over the death of a loved one, and each passing has its own way of greaving, but you do learn to live with it, the roughness in your chest that feels like it is going to rip you apart smooths over time. one of the hardest parts is dealing other people who have moved on and seem to forget but it is not their grief and therfore they dont understand it.

I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. I lost my fiancé and partner of 12 years in a freak accident on June 25th. It’s all so fresh and everything is not even possible to understand or comprehend right now. I think the best thing is we support each other, I have been finding so much comfort through support groups. It makes you realize you aren’t alone in this and you can get through this. The hardest part is taking it day by day. It’s no easy but we can do this. Please reach out me anytime, I am finding so much comfort speaking to those who understand.

So sorry for your loss I lost my husband Peter on 1st June from a sudden massive heart attack. Just take things at your own pace and if you need someone to talk to I’m happy to listen take care xxx

Hi all so sad so many passing the grief is unbearable with us all x

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I love Pete so much I’m having to put him in the ground tomorrow.im so scared .how will I manage without him he’s my all.we have been married 39 years…

Hi somehow you get through the funeral it’s like it’s not your husband. You feel shocked numb lock down situation did not help I had only 6 family members could not give Mick the send if he deserved but our village lined the streets even then surreal. Hope you have family around you. It’s worst after I find people dwindling now because they think your ok months on. Hope you get through tomorrow as best as you can thinking of you x

I’m sorry you are here. Many here will totally understand and have experienced the brutal pain you are feeling. I lost my wife 28 may after doctor’s over the past year said she was going through the menapause. She was 53. Unfortunately after a blood test I was told to take her to a and e. Week later found out she had stage 4 cancer and I lost her 2 days later. This has totally wrecked and destroyed my life. I’ve told this do you realise I along with others understand what you’re going.
It is continually the most painful experience I have ever had.
Take care my friend

Just read your message,so sorry for your loss,and i can totally relate,i am 34 years old,lost my Mum in
2017,and my Dad last year,just feel so alone at times,wish i had more adults who understood to talk to ,luckily i do have my 13 year old son,Thank God.
But still always needing my Mum and Dad. I just have to live with it,as you explained how you feel,i also have that feeling,Take Care,Lucy xxx

HI Lucy
Thank you for your message, and yes it is difficult to addust to lossing your parents, we have become orphans. i know we make are own decision right or wrong and many without talking to our mum or dad, but are parents were a safty net. With the death of my husband i feel even more unsure, no second person to bounce problems off. I do have two older boiys and they are a great help but it is not quite the same. my sisterinlaw was not much help, she told me ‘you are now your own boss, you decide’ I wish you all the best for the future and feel free to drop me a line Sheila x

Hi devastated for you it’s so hard Mick passed 3 months ago 36 years of being together it’s a roller coaster of emotions my heart goes out to you xx

I buried my stubborn annoying wonderful husband who I love with all my heart and sole. It was the perfect day lots of people there to show their love and respect. Unfortunately my Pete suffered with depression and thought he didn’t have any friends.how wrong he was .iv decided he’s gone to live in killer forest one of his favourite places.

Kilder forest.

Your first sentence made me smile stubborn wonderful and annoying I’m so glad if that’s the right word you got through the day sending love x

I started having panic attacks when I lost my dad 5 years ago. I was coping with them without meds using meditation. Because my anxiety is still very much there a lot of people thought my husband’s death 5 weeks ago would finish me off. I can still find it in me to use my coping mechanisms for the anxiety but the grief is something else

So sorry for your loss. I will try anything for the panic attacks. It’s triggering events that bring them on. Thank you we have to get through our grief x

Exercise helps. Getting out amongst nature is the best therapy. Meds don’t work for me. They just numb everything. Because I have a low pulse I can’t take anxiety pills. Lasted 2 days on anti depressants and I felt like a shell. You could download Headspace. It really helped me x

Thanks for that I have a very large garden in 5 sections.trying to cut grass and keep 2 dogs occupied.So plenty to do outside.It feels like a nightmare that I cannot wake up from.x

I can also recommend Pukka Tulsi Clarity tea. You can get it on Amazon. It really calms me down. The dogs will help too. My friend’s border collie knew I was upset when Frankie first took poorly. He wouldn’t leave me alone. I’m here if you need any more advice x