Lost the love of my life

How was it doing the phase return? I’ve been off 8 weeks and due to go back in 2 weeks time. I can’t decide whether to do phased as I only do 4 or 5 hour shifts. I’m going to pop in my workplace a few times to get used to being around them.

Hi , phased return was good for me , think it’s good idea to pop into your work place before you start back it will be emotional I’m sure I had lots of tears and stil do my co workers all understand , hope all goes well for you Xx

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I bought Beecham powders today instead of the tablets ,I couldn’t stop crying as my husband would have picked them up for me and looked after me.I really don’t think I can go on like this

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Aw debbie … my namesake … youre struggling. I get that ! Some days its so harsh just not having them here to look after us. Ive just started making friends recently, dog walker friends , lot nicer than being by yourself ! Dunno how people do it tbh … its so harsh out there ! Have you got some friends near you ? Xxx

Yes I have friends but I don’t always want to bother them they all have partners and family x they say don’t be daft but it’s how I feel myself


I know its really hard … i miss being looked after too … what do we do ? I dunno im like you - trying to figure it out. Just try take care of yourself and do nice things for yourself. Pamper yourself. We have suffered a big trauma in our lives … not easy and there is no magic wand. Have you thought about bereavment counselling ? xxx