My husband passed away 31 august we have been together 45 happy years
I’m lost my


Hello @Hilz, I am glad you have found our community but so sorry for the loss of your husband that brings you here.

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I hope the community is a support to you. Take care,

Hi Hilz, so sorry for your loss.
The feeling is indescribable, my beautiful wife passed away on April 29th and it is the worst experience of my life by far.
I am back working now which helps but everything is different, devoid of joy.
I live in hope that things will get better and some days I can manage without constant tears, I hope there is someone you can speak to.
Joe x

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Sorry for your loss, pleased you are getting times that are a little better…
Like you there is no joy in anything…
It’s only family that are keeping me going .
One day may be we will find things easier