Love You Forever

Such a lovely poem.

Love You Forever. Written by Cindy Adkins,

I send you butterfly kisses
You don’t always know that I am there
But it’s me peeking round the corner
Or touching a strand of your hair.

I see you on days you are crying
Or wishing we could talk once in awhile
Even though I am now in Heaven
I still want to see you smile.

I visit at night when you’re sleeping
I come quietly into your dreams
And whisper words ever so softly
To say death is not what it seems.

I see you sometimes at the table
When you don’t know that I am there
As you gaze over at my picture
I hope you know how much I care.

I’m sending you a hug from Heaven
I wish you could feel it today
The love that we share is forever
Time and space can’t take that away.



Am in tears. Such a lovely poem.

Miss my husband so much. Today not a good day.


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I’m so sorry you’re having a bad day Sheila. It doesn’t get any easier does it?
Words can’t wipe away your tears, hugs won’t ease your pain, but hold on to your memories because forever they’ll remain.



That is such a beautiful poem
It made my cry too
What a lovely thought
I do wish they could let you know
I would love a hug from Him
Maybe one day

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This has made me cry again. Lost the love of my life 4 months ago. I can’t accept he’s gone, each day doesn’t get easier but harder. Hope he knows I miss him so much xx



I wish, I wish upon a star for my dreams to carry me to where you are.
To hear your voice or sense your touch, to feel you near would mean so much.
I know you’re never far away and that you’re with me every single day.
So I’m wishing now with all my might that you’ll come to me in my dreams tonight.



I’m so sorry for your loss
We all hope our loved ones knew that we loved them
I think they do
I hope they are in heaven looking down on us
Giving us the strength to carry on
They are in a better place than us
Not having to deal with this awful grief
Let’s hope

“There is such a deep silence that takes over your soul when your loved one dies.
Lonely is not a strong enough word.”



I’m afraid we are all broken
To loose someone that you loved so much it so hard
But on the other side we were lucky to experience that kind of love
Some people never do


There’s nothing in the world so wonderful as to love and be loved.
And there is nothing in the world so painful as to lose the person you loved.



What a lovely poem @sad2

Someone once said that grief is love turned inside out - the more you loved, the more you grieve a1 and I really think that’s true.

I wish I could believe there’s something after death, it must be so comforting.


The pain is so unbearable , it’s as if I’m bleeding inside. How do I go on? X

Dear Kos

Perfect description for our pain. Just not sure how we go one. I do not look beyond the day I wake up to.

My husband died in a road traffic accident. His friends cleared the garage for me today. Although I hate the motorbike, I still cannot help but feel that another piece of him has been taken away.


What a beautiful poem. Brought a tear to my eyes x

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This is so sweet, brought more tears today. I would love to feel a presence, to ease my loneliness and heartache, I don’t know how I am ever going to be able to get through the days ahead. X

I know how you feel. It’s not just the past snd the memories but also the future you could have had. Anything that belonged to my partner is so precious xx

Yes the future is now gone. I wonder why we worked so hard. At one point I took two jobs when the kids were growing up. We were so looking forward to a wonderful retirement and that has been snatched from us.

As the heading suggests I will love him forever, just not sure that I can stand years ahead without him.


It’s almost 17 weeks for me now. I don’t think it gets better, we just find ways of coping.
I feel like I muddle along through each day, but their isn’t really a meaning to what I’m doing.
Some days I do smile and remember him without tears but usually have a mini breakdown every day for about an hour when I feel as if I will never stop crying and my heart is breaking.
The hollow empty feeling in my stomach never seems to go away.
Just had my cry for today which is why I am here, it helps me so much knowing I’m not alone and others understand.
I feel guilty thinking like that because its as if I’m glad that others are going through this and I’m not alone.
I know we know that’s not the case and would not wish this on anyone, but I just know coming on here has helped so much, so wherever you are on this journey keep coming here so we can all try to help each other the best we can.
Love and hugs Jacky xxxx

Dear Jacky

I know exactly what you mean. Although we have family and friends to support us their grief is either different or they do not really fully comprehend the enormous pain associated with the loss of a partner. I certainly did not appreciate the agonising pain suffered by my mam for certain until now.

My husband was killed in a RTA in September. I still have the inquest hanging over me and then have to deal with probate as we did not make a will. We were too busy planning our retirement to think of things like that.

Tears flow on a daily basis, still scream his name - I think in the hope that he can hear my pain. The grief is made worse as I do not get the sense of his being close to me or watching over me. Just feel the emptiness and the deafening silence.

Today is not a good day.

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