Mediums and clairvoyants

Just curious if anyones ever seen one and had Any messages which were real and nobody could of possibly guessed, I’m looking to find a decent one in the north east area. I know I’d have to keep an open mind and ready for disappointment but I’d be so happy to get a message from my partner to say he’s proud of me or watches over me :pensive::pensive:

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Hi Ang5,

I’m not even sure that I believe in this sort of thing but it’s certainly something that I’ve considered since my partner died. The C-19 pandemic brought almost everything to a screeching halt so I didn’t get around to it at the time, but I certainly don’t rule it out.

(Apologies if this wasn’t the response you’d hoped for - I haven’t had any experience with mediums etc. yet, but I try to keep an open mind too).


@Wosweev i used to think I didn’t believe in anything before but now I think I’m absolutely desperate for a message and hoping one day I will, :pensive::pensive::pensive: everyone is different aren’t they, a lot don’t believe yet I’ve read some amazing stories of people getting messages and I think
Wow how? id like to believe he’s watching over me, although not sure what he would think of how much of a mess I am without him, he wouldn’t be amused :confused::confused:

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Hiya, I’m very cynical about this sort of thing but I was just so desperate to have some link to Alan I went to see a medium. She was lovely, just like going to see your Nan. She told me that she was working for the person in spirit and was like a telephone link from them. She also told me to only say yes and no so she wouldn’t pick anything up from me. And she was happy for me to record it. It was absolutely amazing. She got so many things correct including some that she couldn’t possibly have known or guessed. ( I had been talking to my son the night before about getting the kitchen ceiling redone and, at the end, she just said ‘and what’s this about the kitchen ceiling?’ . No way could she have known about that). The other thing that got me was that she used language that Alan used; the way she was phrasing it etc. I came away feeling really calm and I’m very glad I saw her. I’m pretty sure that there are frauds out there taking peoples money under false pretences but I really believe she was genuine and she did have a link to spirit. I can’t advise you whether to see someone or not but mine was a very positive experience. I’m not in the north east unfortunately but I just wanted to share my experience with you. Take care x


I have mixed feelings about this. As many of you do, I yearn to reach out and hopefully gain some contact in any way, shape or form with the love of my life. I have considered it a lot, but I’m just 29 weeks into this horrible journey and what I do know is that I don’t want to do anything that might set me back, if that makes sense.
I spoke to my counsellor about it, as I’ve really been thinking about the ‘afterlife’ lately and not sure what to believe. My counsellor pointed out that a medium could potentially distort my view of where I’m at in my grief journey and the more I think about it, the more I’m steering away from the idea.
And, I’ve heard there are so many fakes out there, which is just heartbreaking to think they could do that!
I think it’s a very personal decision and many take comfort in it.
For me, it may be something I’ll reconsider later down the line.

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@Arvia thats amazing you got some information what she couldn’t possibly know, this is what I’m hoping for when I do eventually find someone and pluck up the guts to go! @Jackiepadders best not to go to any yet just Incase you do suffer a setback, :pensive::pensive::pensive: I’ve heard of a lot of fakes too and I’d be wary, I will do some research before I choose one, I don’t want to look a fool :fearful::fearful::fearful: just so desperate to hear anything, I’ve had 2 dreams about him, in one he said sorry and I’d like to think this was a proper genuine visitation dream, the other he never spoke, those are the only 2 times I’ve dreamt about him though which I find weird considering he’s on my mind 24/7 :pensive::pensive:

Since my husband died just before Christmas in suspicious circumstances I’ve seen 3 clairvoyants all three have been good and I definitely felt my husband was there. My husband did not believe in that sort of thing at all but he’s certainly taken to talking now. I live in Buckinghamshire so can’t give you any recommendations but it’s been an enormous comfort and also fills in some gaps about what on earth happened to him. Two came up with his name and the small town he came from in wales and very specific details which no one but I knew. The last one got the fact that we’d got engaged on a train in africa.


I’m going to see one 11 march Plymouth south west area they are good my daughter is quite tuned in she saw my beloved 2 weeks ago in my bedroom doorway he seemed upset but was telling me to let go and move forward x​:sob::sob::sob::sob:

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I wish that I could have some signs from my husband who suddenly and unexpectedly died a year ago. How wonderful that some of have had signs xx


If you believe in spirit and know he’s near speak to him like you did daily day his name tell him how your feeling or what you are doing ask him to give you a sign like a
Fav song to play


Hey I lost my Mum in March last year and like you I was sat on the fence with this sort of thing but unexplained things were happening and it really got me thinking about it all. I eventually booked a medium and boy the things she spoke to me about was insane, mentioned things she shouldn’t have known ect.

I have since seen other mediums and each one have mentioned things they shouldn’t have known.

I have also been attending a development circle to learn how mediumship works and
I have even managed to pass messages on to people in class and it blows my mind every time because some seem like nonsense to me but not to the people I’m passing the message onto! It is strange how it works but it must be coming from somewhere!

I still get the odd day where I have my doubts and scepticism but apparently it’s good to be like that sometimes it’s what makes us human.


I’ll tell you something that’s given me a great deal of hope. As I’ve said my husband died just before Christmas, but my sister also died last year. She knew she was dying I said send me a message from beyond the grave she said no, when you die there’s nothing just nothing. Humour me I said. So she said okay Hummingbirds, I said that’s no good to me I live in Buckinghamshire we don’t have hummingbirds. Anyway after my lovely husband was killed my niece rang me from Canada and said something very weird is happening here and I said what, she said there’s a hummingbird tapping on our window all day and it’s midwinter here there shouldn’t be any hummingbirds and in the next few days it was joined by another hummingbird and I firmly believe my sister could have sent no stronger message to us all.


I saw a medium because I just needed to know. She mentioned things only we had shared. I’d also had a conversation (one sided) with my partner after he died and she was able to bring this up too. I definitely felt reassured and lighter afterwards.
I still question whether he’s around though, I want a sign every day and that doesn’t happen lol, if he could he would so maybe he’s not around because he wouldn’t let me suffer if it was something he could do.


Yes I’ve had signs and get disappointed if I don’t get once every day chances are I miss some of them


The signs I’ve had, you can’t miss. They only appear when I’m not looking and completely blow my mind. They usually appear when I need them not when I want them. The longer it is though, the less I get. Not had anything for a while now. Maybe that’s a sign in itself that I am coping better, although some days that’s so not true.

I ask Alan all the time to let me know he’s around. My son has been aware of him a lot even finding a hand print on the wall in the bathroom (Alan had to lean against the wall to balance while he brushed his teeth). I saw that and it was very defined. I found it a bit disturbing to be honest. On a happier note I keep finding sequins ( I was ready for white feathers)! I have nothing in my wardrobe with sequins on and Alan was such a blokey bloke he would think that was hilarious. I’ve got 3 now. I hoovered yesterday and almost as soon as I finished another one appeared on the carpet. Probably laughing at me because the hoovering was his job!! x


I lost my husband 5 weeks today he was only 53 so it’s all still very new and raw. I’ve jumped in this thread as a distraction today as I was sitting getting more upset

We often spoke about the afterlife and mediums etc and we agreed he would try and get in touch if he could, we said 3 random things that I’ve never told anyone else that only me and him would know.

I talk to him all the time, we had a star named for him before he died so he knew that’s where we would be looking for him each night

I have also been told though that unless you are ready no messages will ever come through as your loved ones need to know you can cope with them


Hiya, oh that’s beautiful about the star I’m going to look into that. We had ‘space man’ by Sam Ryder to play Alan in at the funeral so it would be brilliant. I saw a lovely medium not long after Alan passed (see my earlier post) and I felt very reassured by it but I appreciate its not for everyone. We always used to say we would be together for eternity and I genuinely believe that we will. It’s just that Alan went there first to check it out and I will join him when the time is right. X


I’ll share what I witnessed, in the beginning of finding out I just had this calming sense I wasn’t alone sometimes like she was around me, was such a strange feeling, thought I was losing it.

Kept finding white feathers in my path, thought that they were just feathers and existed, until one day I found one under my can of pop, I had been drinking for a while, it just appeared out of no where this is after I asked to find one in a unusual place! My fella looked shocked to as he witnessed it.

Kept selling perfume and cigarette smoke, my mum was a smoker, thought I was imagining it. My mum’s entrance music kept playing where ever I went which I found rather odd.

After I so a medium which went really well and provided me with comfort, I was advised to think of a sign for yes and no questions. My question was always “are you still with me”

The first set of signs I picked was a white butterfly for yes, asked the question, along came a white butterly.

I then changed to a robin for yes, asked the question, along comes a robin.

Anyway after that I thought it was just coincidence and I asked for a stag, we don’t see them much where I’m from, I actually laughed it off. In fact I’ve never seen one in the flesh! Fast forward a week later I decided to walk a different way home for reasons unknown and I kid you not this stag came running past me in the middle of the street, I almost passed out from shock.

I’ve had more experiences but these seem to be the most powerful and I love to share them with others who aren’t going to judge me and think I’m going nutty.

A lot of the signs have seemed to have stopped now though and of course I’m wondering if it was all real.


We put the details of his star in the order of service and asked if anyone looks for it can they let me know
A friend found it in Barcelona a couple of days ago which made me feel really nice that they had been talking about him and looking for him.
A couple of times it’s been a distraction too when I’m feeling sad in the evening just going to find it
I love the comment of eternity what a wonderful way to look at things.

My kids have laughed as I’m willing to try anything that might make me feel a bit better I have stones, keyrings, braclets, photos I got some grief companion cards from Amazon I look at each day

Nothing will ever make things better really though

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