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This is my second post. My first message to offer comfort from what I have learnt as a Medium has clearly helped a number of you and some have asked me to continue to post what I am able to guide you on from my connection to the afterlife.

I have always had these abilities as a Medium, but over the years I have tuned them to be more effective and of course - there is so much to learn.

When we have to say goodbye to someone we care about, the biggest struggle it seems is the sudden departure. Even if the end day has drawn near over a long period of time, the end is still sudden. To those still living, they become aware or witness somebody’s life has stopped. It suddenly stopped. A full stop.

This is not the case. If you are sensitive, it will feel to you as though the person has stepped back a layer. You will pick up on the feeling that they are no longer occupying their body - their shell, as that is all our bodies are. They transport us around.
When somebody dies, they don’t float straight up in a beam of light. They seem to hang around for a while. They observe other people’s pain from what has happened. They try to comfort us, but most cannot hear or see them.
It seems to take between a couple of weeks to 6 months before we can normally call them through for a reading. I say normally, I was able to guide my brother through, so that process happened quickly.
Think of it as a radio. We used to have to turn a dial to tune the radio into the station. When someone dies, they simply leave their shell and change frequency. Mediums are able to tune to that frequency. And sometimes ‘normal’ people can to. When the mind is relaxed and someone is just going about their day, this is when people are more likely to be able to see spirit (see a ghost as is often said). Then the ghost suddenly vanishes. But it hasn’t - the spirit is still there, the person who saw the spirit then questioned what they were seeing and their mind stopped being in a relaxed state. They switched frequency and lost what they were tuned into.
I could write for hours on what I have learnt over the many years. The key rule when communicating with spirit is to talk to them as if they were stood in front of you. Always speak with respect and manners.
Emotions are earth bound and we come here to learn and experience them. What I would like to get across is that they don’t get upset if your life moves on. We get to be with them again when our time comes.
Talk to them - picture them in your mind - it is energy being sent out that they answer.
When they return to the spirit world, they are with people they have known. My brother brought some of my pets from over the years to my attention - they are around us in that world too.
They want us to do well and they want us to move forward in our lives. Your journey still has a path to be walked.
As hard as it is, please know the stinging feeling death leaves on those left behind does lessen. Tears will still fall when that sadness wave rises up over you, but that will lessen too. There is no correct way to grieve, everyone is different. But take you time, and allow your thoughts to flow freely. Each day you move a spent further away from the shock and pain.
Don’t feel guilty that they have gone back home. It was there time. It was what they had planned before coming back to this world. The cards they were dealt as some people refer to it as.
They will walk beside you. Ask for there help if you get stuck with something. The ways they help us is truely amazing. Look out for small signs, the idiosyncrasies, the repeating numbers or words that you start to notice around you.
Again, I’m not trying to drum up business, I am giving this insight to hopefully help you during this sad and very difficult time. We should all help each other and remember, we are all here to learn. Best wishes everybody. Small steps, one day at a time xx


Do they judge us? I feel awkward knowing my husband can see me but I can’t see him.

Also other mediums have said they can choose to reincarnate or if they died before they reincarnate. Does this mean we won’t meet up with them in the afterlife?

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Hi Kat,

I have been to the edge of where we go. We all go to the same place. We judge ourselves - we look back at the choices we have made and we reflect on what the outcome would have been if we’d selected other options available.

The place we all go to is the most beautiful place - our language doesn’t have the right words to describe the feeling. It is wonderful.

I don’t go to level any more through trance as I am slightly worried because it is such a beautiful place (the softness, calm, pure love and nurture. Im not certain I would come back.

Our emotions are rooted to this world here. Whilst personality comes through in a reading, emotion doesn’t. Which also means spirit don’t judge. That is a human ego ability which spirit doesn’t have.

So nobody is watching and judging!

We make our plans for when we come back to live our next life. We choose what lessons we are to learn. Spirit seem to forget how difficult life is down here, so they don’t always realise how difficult the lessons can be.

When I work with spirit I also teach them - it’s a two-way process.

If when you get back to the spirit world your husband is already living his next life, don’t worry. As I said, we are pure unconditional love and the feelings we have here, are not how we feel on the other side.

I hope this has helped x


So are you saying that spirit has no emotions? Do they not even miss us? :frowning: Do some spirits wait for you to come back before reincarnation?

I have a medium appointment soon, she told me my mum is in the spiritual hospital what exactly does that mean? She’s certain my mum is going to be there to talk to me though and told me she’s excited and sends her love! I’m confused because you said they feel differently in their world.

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I have lots of questions about the afterlife. I’m a massive sceptic because there’s been absolutely nothing to convince me there’s anything after death. Me and my OH both believed that we are our brains and once that’s dead we are nothing. I really hope that’s not true because I desperately want to believe I’ll see my OH again and all my other relatives who have passed.

One thing I wonder about often is why do some people get signs and others like myself get nothing at all?

Why do some mediums advise that you wait a year then others say they can connect almost immediately?

Why do some people say souls need to recuperate on the other side if they had an illness here? Your physical body has the illness, your soul does not so why would souls need to recover from something that only effects your physical body?

What would you even do every day for eternity if the afterlife was forever?

Do we still have earthly relationships on the other side? Will my partner still be my partner? My mother still my mother etc? Or will we just be a group of souls?

So many questions I’d love to know the answer to.
Also are you a well known medium? Do you have a Facebook page I can have a look at? That’s just me being nosy, I’ve actually got a reading booked with a medium at the end of the month. I’m nervous about it. I paid £750 for it so I’m really hoping it’s good :rofl::see_no_evil:

I hate what you said to @Kat1984, if her husband is already living his next life then don’t worry :sob: I’m really sceptical about it all anyway but if I die and my OH is living his “next life” I’m going to be pretty annoyed! What happens if we get there and all our loved ones are living a next life?
How can you say not to worry? I’m worrying :worried:

Will we have the same kind of relationships in the afterlife that we had on earth? Will we still be partners, husbands, wives, fathers, sons etc?
Or will we just all be like family?

What exactly do you mean the feelings we have here are not how we feel on the other side? Does that mean we won’t have romantic feelings for just eachother and that we’ll just love everyone in the same way?

So many questions :tired_face:

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@LostLil haha bless you. I too have so many questions too. You’ve done well to note most of them.

This does freak me out if everyone we love has reincarnated. I know they say the other side is pure love and all our earthly feelings go or won’t matter. So maybe we won’t mind if we don’t see loved ones as the love from the other side overcompensates.

I think the problem is it’s what we want to be true whilst we are still here living. If you are a Christian for example, they say you won’t be married in heaven. That annoyed me so much as I want to be married still. I’ve heard that all souls are just connected by love. It’s just love everywhere.

It does freak me out if I think of it too much. I can see why some people don’t think there is anything as that seems less scary.

Where we go is a live I cannot describe. It is so beautiful. We are not people outside of our human bodies, we are energy. We manifest in a way people know as by. My brother decided he would come back wearing a suit. He was a soldier so I would have reasonably assumed I would see him in his camouflaged clothes.
My guide was my husband many many lifetimes ago. I can feel the connection. When I go back home, he will be there and our energy will be together again but also with the other souls we love and have loved over millennia. We are part of a much bigger connection.

What I do know and see all the time are husbands/wives who stick very closely to their partner after death. There is definitely a continued bond as they do spend more time with them. Picture them in your mind and call their name. They will come close. Promise. It’s the universal law of attraction x


Hi everyone, I lost my dad 8 years ago to cancer, and my mum suddenly 12 days ago due to a massive haemorrhage. I find that it gives me a lot of comfort thinking of them together now.

I have had some very convincing evidence since my dad passed and actually very strange things happen even since mum passed. I have previously had correct information from mediums including the illness that my dad had, naming my daughter, naming my aunt and speaking about my children going to university. (My children were in late junior /early senior school when dad passed, and we were never a family who went to university). I have never given my name, and just turned up.

I also remember when my dad passed away in a hospice about an hour before he died, he looked up into the corner of the room and said “hello mum, hello dad” he was a very intelligent man and even had a sense of humour the day before he died, and had lots of friends who visited him and was fully able to hold a conversation.

I have also experienced two different birds fly in to my house in the past week which has never happened before, and a beautiful butterfly land on my glass window and stayed there when my daughter and I were listening to my mums favourite music.

Even yesterday, I had a phonecall from the coroner to say that I could contact the registry office to book an appointment to register my mums death. My mum was called Jacqueline and I needed to spell it correctly to the lady who took my call, it was funny as she said I always struggle with spelling that name and also I can never seem to spell Michael correctly either. I laughed as I said thats funny, that was my dads name!! She laughed and said “oh thats spooky” it was totally random but it meant something to me.

I know everyone has their own beliefs, but for me it has been a huge comfort.

Sending love to everyone and hopefully my post gives you some comfort.



I have never had any signs from my mum dad I went to see a medium and she said she couldn’t get anything from me so I booked her again and a couple of weeks later she text me saying her guide couldn’t pick anything up from me I really think it a lot of rubbish I think when you die you don’t go anywhere your died .


That’s interesting. At your first reading did she immediately say she couldn’t pick anything up from you? Because all the mediums I’ve seen have just done tbe whole gentleman with chest issues or lady with cancer thing followed by vague generic stuff so I find it interesting that one would say straight away that she wasn’t picking anything up :thinking: personally I’d much rather that. Makes me wonder if that one was actually genuine tbh. Do you mind me asking who it was?

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Her name was Laura it was within 10 minutes she couldn’t pick enything up

Trust me there’s plenty out there who will make it up as they go along so fair play to her for just stopping. Laura who? I’ll have a look for her :slight_smile:

Am in Scotland

Have you had any mediums that have been spot on because I think mum would want to speak to me

Yes that’s ok. Most do video readings now :slight_smile: I can always look at her Facebook and message her to ask :slight_smile:

Am still not convinced

Did she make any wrong guesses during that 10 minutes or was she just quiet and trying to pick something up?

No. I’ve yet to find one to convince me. I’ve had quite a few so far but I have a couple more coming up. In September I’ve got one with a lady who won a TV show years ago. She’s worked with the police and coastguards too so I do feel like there must be something about her that’s legit. Not many psychic mediums get asked to work with the police I guess :crossed_fingers:


My readings were with well respected ones. The first I saw was Sally Cudmore and it was actually the day of my dads funeral. She named my Aunt and some other details that were spot on. The next one that I saw was Tony Stockwell a few months after Dad died in a local spiritualist church. The last message that I got was a friend who invited me to go with her last minute. I unfortunately was working and couldnt make it. My friend phoned me and said Im sure I just had your dad. The medium said “whos Becky or Rebecca?” And whose grandchildren go to university? This related to me as my youngest daughter is Becky (Rebecca when Im cross lol) and both my middle and eldest child were at University. My dad died 8 years ago and they were still at early stages in Senior School and none of my family had ever gone to University.

I do want to go for another reading soon, as I would love to hear if my mum and dad are together now. I hope and pray that they are. Its mums funeral on Monday so may still be early days, but I think that would be my best message ever and help give me some comfort. Im 43 and feel too young to have lost both of my parents, (they were both mid 60’s) still feels weird writing that.

I hope we all receive messages that we need. I think it would help us all.