Hi everyone, hope some of you have managed to have a good day :slight_smile: Since my girl passed last June I wanted to reach out and see what might happen. It’s not something I’ve ever done before, mildly sceptic but also desperately wanted to try. Over the last month or so I’ve tried two different readers, sadly neither worked out for me. Personally I found it all a bit generic, and could apply to anyone, nothing specific that could have only come from my girl.
But I will keep trying I think, I’ve got two others booked. I know that if it’s possible, my girl will have something to say… and she WILL make herself heard, she always managed that! :smiley:

I lost a Biker friend a few years back, he was very close to ‘the club’ and if you saw him, you’d be more than a little scared :smiley: , so when I last visited him around 5 years back, I was shocked to hear him talk about having become a Medium since his brother’s passing… NEVER would I have thought that about him, and because of who he was I have to believe him, a liar he never was.

So I do believe, but sadly for whatever reason I’ve not managed to make contact as yet. I’m sure it’s something many of us have considered, and possibly tried.

I was extremely nervous about it, and had a few major concerns as to how I might react. I’ll expand on those thoughts a little later in the thread if it takes off.

What are your thoughts?

I’ve never tried and I’m rather sceptical, but lately I’ve been thinking about giving it a go. But it hinges on finding the right person, I suppose, and getting a generic answer wouldn’t be helpful. My major concern is if I do get a proper answer, would I be comforted or just frustrated that I couldn’t communicate more?


That was also one of my concerns Ulma, I felt the generic messages were ‘fishing’ a bit. I’m told by people that when it works you will 100% know it, things that only you and your loved one could know etc. I had a lot of thoughts about it comforting me, or the opposite. And also other slightly darker thoughts. I’ll be honest here, I was concerned that if contact was made, and I knew she was ‘out there’ somewhere… would that make me consider going after her… Yes, in the cold light of day I can see that thought is a bit scary and dangerous, but it was a thought I had. But the flip side of that dark thought, if I knew she was ‘out there’ and at peace now… Why would she not still be ‘there’ when my time comes naturally…
I also thought a bit that maybe she knows what I had thought, and would not make contact for that very reason… Welcome to my wonderful world of Anxiety and overthinking :slight_smile:
I’ve told her now, I won’t be daft… so if it can happen I hope it does.


@Gav I did sell a medium, who did give me specific information which left me in no doubt and did give me comfort.
The comfort however doesn’t last and you just keep selling for stuff, mediums, signs. Nothing is ever enough and I look for signs I don’t get and question signs I do get.
Whatever he tries to give me its never enough lol.
I have had enough signs to prove he is with me. I just always want more lol

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I’m very familiar with the world of overthinking!

I imagine they all know what most grievers want to hear, so none of those kind of phrases would work for me. It would have to be something completely unique. It feels like such hard work to go to medium after medium only to be disappointed too. :pensive:

Oh yes, it would be easy to want to go to where they are, but then again there’s no reason to think they won’t wait for us if they can. I hope you do find the real thing and is able to make contact. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed::heart:

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I definitely believe and I know there’s a lot of cowboys out there but I saw one after my brother died and it was spot on, I don’t think they can just make up random names, but you are just so desperate to make a connection anything is a comfort.


Hello I have been to a few mediums. The first one was amazing! They knew nothing about me yet knew things they shouldn’t have. The other mediums have been a mix of decent and not so decent but I’ve learnt not to feed the medium, they shouldn’t be asking a lot of questions apparently!

I also go to a development circle and we get told off for asking questions. It’s weird how it works.

I didn’t believe in all of this before but I had lots of convincing signs and it ended up pushing me to see one because I actually thought I was going crazy!

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I have had two readings which were both absolutely amazing , in fact this has really helped me.I am sure there are people about who haven’t got the gift, it is really important to find the right person. I joined an online group for meditation, to stop me literally cracking up, I never passed any personal information on about myself
I had a call from a member of the group who said she had a message from … for me, it was my Husband name.I am convinced love never dies and our loved ones are waiting for us. X



I Wanted to quickly mention incase it might help anyone

I’ve used spiritual communication apps, for loss & it’s helped me, I started using a few apps in 2021, it can be exchausting constantly on them,
But when ye feel its a time to use & reach out ye might feel that bit comfort,

I hope everyone’s well today & having a day.
Take care of yourselfs :mending_heart::hugs:

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We all have the ability apparently, a good medium will say it’s not a gift. Apparently as we age a lot of us seem to lose this ability which is understandable with how life is and our ego takes over.

The best mediums never forgot about their ability and have been able to communicate with the other side all their lives.

I currently go to a development circle as I was interested in how it all works and have seen the most random things that didn’t make sense to me but did to who ever I was working with and it blows my mind!

It takes years to be half as good as the best mediums and some people don’t seem to take the time to practice hence the ones who say the most generic things.

Our teacher forbids us from asking too many questions when we are doing a reading for each other and also tells us off for answering too many lol


I think you are right a good medium doesn’t want lots of information, I do think we are all have the ability to make connections. Sadly I am not in the right place to meditate. All I can say is that I have only received comfort from their support. X


hey , im a true believer in all this iv been spiritual for a long time since being a child to be honest i could feel a lot of this as a child mainly energies and as i got a bit older its like i was just made to be interested in everything spiritual . i do think i would have the skills to become something similar as your friend but iv never gone deep in to it even though i have a high interest in this . i have had experiences that have happened to be on a spiritual level iv just never had any explanation on why they have . after losing my mum my absolute world in November i would no doubt love to learn more about mediumship and would love to go deeper in to that . my mum was also a very spiritual being and also her mum was too my grandma who i unfortunately didn’t get to met as she died young used to read tealeaf’s back in her day so in the 1920s? since mums passed i know she’s been around as iv had things happen in the house that never happened before . i do talk to her a lot out loud as we spent nearly every day together in hope she’s listening and when iv asked her for advice or confirmation she’s around she’s shown me with in the home its the most strangest feeling but so comforting too . i know she will be here as i asked her before she passed to make sure she came to be with me and she said she would be with me always . i was told when i was about 6 by a medium my mums friend when i got older id be able to contact the dead and that’s how she said it straight out with it just like that that really scared me as a child but when i think about it now maybe she saw in me my potentials of what i could do . i just haven’t looked to deep in to it . but now maybe soon is the time . i didn’t want to find a medium till at least 6 months after mum passing but i actually came across a lady in Manchester with amazing reviews and im booked in with her in march. im not expecting mum to be brought through as i think its too soon but anything would be good but i will update you when iv been to see her i don’t know her and she knows nothing about me so it will be interesting to see . im nervous to be honest and i deeply believe in the other side . just be open and in the mean time keep a look out for the small signs . speak to your girl shes listening to you x


Hi I dont see myself as a medium but I have abilities. I have been given signs which went beyond coincidence. Ive also had visits which cant be explained. This is something I tend not to tell people , only a select few. I had odd things happen a picture falling off built in shelf , With no chance of it being draft ect. I sometimes really dont like being open to these things. We all have the ability with this stuff , it takes time to tap into though. Im not sure its helped me much with my brother. If anything it was made worse as I got signs of dark times ahead for me and never understood at the time how bad it would be.

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Well folks I went for the third one last night. I have to say she was more interesting that the first two, she did get quite a bit of the story and seemed to hit a few nails on the head. But, still nothing strong that only me and my girl could know, which bothers me a lot. I feel that if she’s in contact, she will make sure I know it by saying something only the two of us know, and that’s not too hard in my book. I do have another booked in March sometime, so I’ll try again :slight_smile:


Props to you for trying! I agree, if it’s possible for them to communicate, they would make sure we knew it was them somehow. Fingers crossed for March. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

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