Meet-ups in North Yorkshire

Just wish there were more groups in North Yorkshire to meet friends for social events in evenings and holidays.
I going out for coffee and lunches with friends but feel there are not many groups out there that bring widows and widowers together for evening social events and holidays.
I know there are Solo holidays but it would be nice to travel with a group of friends from my area for holidays.
Anybody in North Yorkshire know of any groups ?
Take care everyone


Where in north yorkshire are you ? Xx

Not far from Thirsk

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I know somebody who lives in stokesley… she lost her husband 19 months ago and whe has accessed a lot of support groups near her but not necessarily social groups x

Don’t think it is just one area that not much scope for widows and widowers unless make own efforts to rectify it.
We were lucky that the local chapel ran a bereavement course with mostly widows so just people from our chapel membership formed a WhatsApp group to do things on Saturdays when we are not seeing families or on holiday. Best time of year was the dull period after xmas. We had an afternoon tea in someone’s house then a coffee morning at a local garden centre. There has been evenings out for those that wanted that at local village hall. There has been woman only meals but not widows. Womens walk on a Saturday but again not for widows.
But I find that the regular mid week coffee meetings now are widows. I am doing rounds at the moment to see what I fit in with.

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Hi im near Saltburn and the only groups ive been to were berevment ones not much at all here neither but ive a friend near Stokesley and we meet up for coffee sometime s but i would like to go on holidays at some point if you want to pm me .I lost my partner just over a year ago lung cancer .

Hello @Lyn2507,

Sue Ryder has just launched our Grief Kind Spaces. Our Grief Kind Spaces are weekly, in-person drop-in sessions held in the local community and run by trained volunteers. The sessions provide a safe, informal and supportive place for people to come together and share their experiences of grief, helping attendees to feel heard and less alone.

There’s a few in Yorkshire. Although they’re in the day time, maybe it could be a place to meet people and take it from there in terms of socialising? Just a suggestion, if you were interested.

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