Mother’s Day gifts for a grieving Mum

We lost my beautiful, wonderful sister, who was tragically killed by another driver, in October.
It has totally shattered our lives and I don’t know how I can help my parents. It seems to get worse, the missing her more and more, thoughts of never seeing her grow old or get married or have children.
With it being Mother’s Day on Sunday I was wondering what to get my mum for Mother’s Day, any ideas? It’s going to be a very difficult day, but then everyday is. I was trying to think of something thoughtful but I don’t know if she’d rather not acknowledge the day.

I have no idea, but you know her, what would she like you to do?

Maybe a surprise dinner, cook it and take it to her, with some flowers or a plant. Tesco have a great Orchid in a glass bottle for £20, something like that might encourage her to think about living rather than death.

And a bottle of her favourite drink, whatever that is, that she can keep to enjoy later. Maybe spend the night with her, if you can???

Best wishes to you,

Christie xxx

Hello Heart.Broken

My mum in law has just lost her Son (my partner).
I was giving her a ‘thinking of you’ card and some flowers. I don’t feel it’s appropriate ‘happy mothers day’ card at this time.
Maybe you could give her some perfume or chocolates, what do you feel she would like?
Amy x

Thank you both for your ideas.
@Christie I really should know what my own mum likes but since I lost my sister my mind isn’t the same and I can’t seem to make the simplest of decisions, that orchid sounds lovely thank you.
Yes @Amylost you’re right a ‘thinking of you’ card would be appropriate.


Bless you. I hope you Mum likes whatever orchid you can find. Tesco is my local supermarket, and they are just great at taking care of me.

Just do what your instincts tell you to do.

Christie xxx