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I firstly lost my wonderful mum in November. had just got to work when I received a call from my dad saying he couldn’t wake her up & didn’t know what to do. I got him to call for an ambulance & I called a neighbour to go to them while I made my way to their home over an hour away. Their nightbour was fantastic & kept me informed whilst I made my to them. when I got there I dreaded going through the entrance as deep in my heart I knew mum had gone. I had to keep it together for my dad who was absolutely devasted & in shock. They had been married 59 years & did everything together. We took it one day at a time. Dad had already been diagnosed with terminal cancer and fought his battle so bravely until 1st May when he passed away at home with me & my brother by his side. I miss them both so much, we were a very close family & I take comfort that they are together again. It has brought my brother & I even closer.

Hi TPGreen,

I’m sorry to hear about the passing of your mum and dad. My dad died of a sudden heart attack 22 years ago. He was 53. The experience made me best friends with my mum. We couldnt live without each other.
Unfortunately I have had to as she died of a massive bleed on the brain nearly 15 months ago aged 74.
Living without both parents is dreadful.
Cheryl x

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Thank you. Nothing prepares you for this. I know I’m lucky I had them both around for so long .