My brother

After an 18 month battle with mental health issues my brother decided to end his life. He was a retired policeman and such a proud man he couldnt go on with how he felt. I am absolutely devastated but at the same time completely in denial. I’ve alwaya been an open book but I’m unable to speak to anyone. I think I’m afraid of letting my emotions go.

Have you trued contacting SOBS Survivors of Bereavement By Suicide they will understand how you feel.
Don’t be afraid to let your emotions go , bottling things up is the worst thing you can do. Wishing you this very sad time. Sadme

No I’ve not heard of them. I’ll google them thank you.

Dear @Rachann4066, I wanted to reach out and welcome you to this community Thankyou for sharing this post. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your brother it must be truly devastating and almost impossible to take in. Have you thought of trying any counselling services where you may feel more free to discuss without the worrys of sharing such tough things with existing friends and family who may also be grieving ? Sue Ryder offer a free online counselling service: and there is also this site which maybe a good thing to look into:

We want to support you however we can through this time so please don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything at all Do let me know how you are

Thank you. I haven’t been able or felt ready to talk until now. I have now registered on the site above. Its been a tough 18 months and I do think once the funeral is over I may need some counselling

Hope your ok it’s 7 months since my brother and never been more shocked and pained in my life send so much love to everyone!!!