My family

I have been in a really dark place since my mum died the realisation that the only people I felt close to have gone first my brother to cancer someone who I thought would be there when mum and dad were gone but it was not to be he fought so hard to beat it but 9 mths of trying and he was gone. It was so hard but I through myself into trying to make my mum happy we went every where together she was my first friend my best friend. I was a carer for mum and dad it’s what you do,then dad passed, just mum and me 6mths after Dad died Mum started with dementia but at the time just thought it was greif things got worse and after 5 and half years she went into a care home I knew it was the beginning of the end , lockdowns no visits then window visits it was really killing me but I had to be there for her no matter what.6 mths she was there I got to spend the last 3 days with her when she was in end of life so hard but I couldn’t not be with her . after I had to make sure she was sent on her final journey to be with Andrew and Dad after that I didn’t care what happened to me I wanted to be with them and I tried to be . With help from NHS service’s I am going on. This is the first Xmas I have thought about it I got a dog and she helps me to carry on and this year I have her to buy presents for, it’s her first Xmas so Xmas morning will be a Xmas morning again watching her rip her presents open and I know Mum Dad Andrew will be with us. slowly furbaby is giving me something to live for.


Thank you for sharing this with us, @Andi67. There is a Christmas tradition on our community where our members light a candle in tribute to their loved ones on Christmas Eve. If you’d like to light a candle for your mum, dad and Andrew, you can join us on this thread.

Wishing you and your furbaby a peaceful Christmas :blue_heart: