Need advice

I lost my partner of 3 years suddenly 6 weeks ago although we were together as young teenagers we always loved each other im struggling to cope daily nothing anyone says or does makes no difference to me im also having dark thoughts witch are very scarey


1 year or 50 the pain is the same. We are all in the same place feeling the same pain and struggling to put one foot in front of the other x

I am so sorry for your loss @Frankyfrank

It is really early days for you, and you will still be feeling really raw.
Please believe me that although the pain won’t go away you will gradually realise that you are coping.
You’ve done right coming on this site.
Everyone understands what you are going through because we are all going through it, and we are all here to listen and offer support. It really does help to know you are not alone
Please keep posting

Sending love and hugs
Liz x

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Hiya Liz knowing i can come here and know you all understand really does help.
It is very raw still like you said.
Thank you so much for caring. Xxx

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We all care for each other on here.
I’ve had many times when people have helped me and shown me support.
It really does help
Its helped me through some really dark times.
I’m further down the line than you, but I still need the support I get from everyone.
And I hope that I help others
X x

I am sea it will . The last 2 weeks have been s nightmare and been on this sitevreally helps xxx

Hi @Frankyfrank
I’m really sorry to hear about your loss and that you are struggling so much tonight.
You mention dark thoughts - these are common when we are grieving but if you feel you are really struggling with them then please reach out to seek help from either the Samaritans or nhs24 or any other support organisation who can talk to you either in person or on line.
Loss can be so painful - it’s a reflection of the love we had and still continue to have even though our loved one is gone.
It gets easier so I’m told, and it’s so early for you in your grief that it will all be very overwhelming.
Be kind to yourself and keep posting here - there’s people who feel the same and can support you xx


Hiya Ron i have rang the smaatins but all they say is its time and wgat i am feeling is normal . And if i really feel suicidal then its my private choice if i go through with it. Xx

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Oh I’m so sorry @jevncute I’m sure that wasn’t helpful when you were feeling at your lowest.
Our losses are so hard to bear aren’t they.
Sending strength and hugs for you today xx

Not much help or support from them. I have no experience personally, but when I broke down on the phone to my bank the other day they put me through to the Bereavement Department who were actually very kind and helpful. They suggested Cruse. Perhaps they are worth contacting. Just a thought. You have the support and love of everyone here. Xx

I am so sorry for your loss. Like many others on this site, I have really felt supported by people in a similar situation, and I would encourage you to share your feelings so we can support you too. My partner died in February and although I am still overwhelmed by sadness, I am functioning on a day-to-day basis. The only advice I can give you is to take one day (or one hour or even one minute) at a time and focus on looking after yourself. Sending you a big hug x

Thank you all i have had more dupport from you all then i have from any member of my family. I feel fir us all I keep why oh why I wasnt ready but then I think I never would be. Mine is also so isolating by the fact of my agrophobia. I have never felt so lonely and empty. Sending you all love and hugs xxxx


Hi @jevncute

As you know all the whys and what ifs really don’t help. But that doesn’t stop our brains does it.
You know we are all here for you.
How’s that little bundle of mischief Millee?


Oh my goodness where do i start she is so naughty. She cry so much if i am iut of view.
I know you are right but omg how hard is this . I try and do someone anything but all i do is cry. I love you all for the support and i always hope we all will find some happiness. Xxxx

She will keep you busy. And give you something to focus on

Please believe me the crying does ease. I do still cry everyday, some more than others, but not continually now.
It is very very hard but we will all get to a place where we can cope. I won’t say get over it because we never will. But for our own sanity we have to learn to live with it and accept it.

Lovd and hugs
Liz x x

Ty Liz i get you all mixed up how long is it for you. Yeah she is certainly keeping me busy. Xxx

Its 18 weeks for me. Not long but a lot longer than you x x

Liz that’s so kind of you. I’m clinging onto any glimmer of hope. Do you mind me asking do you live on your own? It’s that I find so hard.

Yes @Woolly
I do live alone. And yes it is very hard.
But I am getting used to it. A couple of weeks ago I suddenly realised I am quite happy to be at home, our home.
I still miss him terribly, I always will and I still cry for him every day.
I do go out a few times a week and my daughter pops in when she can. Although she works, but she contacts me most days.
I was out at on Sunday, at Rogers Great Granddaughters birthday party and although everyone was very nice I just felt alone, and wanted to be home.

Sending love and hugs to you :hugs:

Its horrid this lonilness i hate the empty home . I hate been frightened, i just want my life to feel normal. Xxxx