Need some hugs and hope

Hugs and love to you all. Please let me know I am alone here x

Hello Moggles, here’s a big hug and love, right back to you xx I’m sorry you are feeling alone…me too! I’m pleased you’ve sent a post because there’s many of us who understand how difficult it is to live each day with a broken heart following the loss of a very dear loved one. Not having family or being apart from family can make it especially difficult, at this time of year. I hope to be able to look forward sometime in the near future…but it’s too big a step for me right now. I’m just managing with day by day and that’s hard enough. I don’t know if you’ve been reading other posts these past few days because there seems to be a lot of us who are feeling down or not doing as well, as previously. Keep on posting Moggles, thinking of you, kind wishes, x

Thank you. Read some posts but they are hard to read. Hugs and love to you xxx

Hi Moggles, yes, I know what you mean. There are times when you just can’t take on anybody else’s grief…you’ve got enough to cope with yourself. In one of my posts earlier today, I explained how this forum has become part of my daily routine. I have a need to not only tell our story (mine and my beloved husband) but to receive advice, support and comfort from others who understand, as well…that’s missing from my home life.
Just hope you also feel that you have support and a listening ear…xxx

Hi Moggles321
You arent alone,plenty on here to talk too,hugs back to you and i hope you find some comfort from this site x

Hello Moggles
You are never alone on here. There are many wanting hugs and comfort too so you are not alone. Hugs x

Thank you. Hugs to all from me xx

Hi everyone I’m new to here and this but badly in need of kindred spirits. I am still utterly lost because of the loss of my dear dad 18 years ago.

Hugs xxx

Hello everyone, I’ve only just joined after losing my daughter you’re right we are kindred spirits also everyone is very kind on here you are in my prayers God bless x

Hi all, I feel very alone tonight, so hugs to you all too. It is 5 weeks since I lost the love of my life and now the dust is setting, everyone is going back to their own lives after the funeral/Christmas/New Year and I am feeling more lonely than ever. I cannot understand how a person who is so full of life, energy and love can deteriorate so quickly and then be gone. I never even got chance to say goodbye or be with him and I find that so hard. None of my family or friends understand how
I feel, including my parents, and why should they have they have not experienced such a loss. The one who would have understood is my lovely husband who was actually widowed before we got married and he is the one I am now desperately missing. Thinking of you all tonight and I hope you all get a peaceful night sleep xx

Feel for you all

So sorry Debra , 5 weeks is such a short time and especially after all the “festive celebrations” you must be feeling awful. I know how the loneliness can tear you in two when the only person you want is no longer there to comfort you and hold you tight. I hope you can sleep tonight. Hugs x

To everyone who posted, My heart goes out to you. I understand what Debra27 says, that the one person we need the most and would understand, is the one we lost. I lost my beloved younger sister and best friend in May, 2018, and I only want her to talk to, about this devastating loss of “her” (odd as that sounds). She & I could talk about anything, and she had a way of making things better. I never felt so alone in my life. I am thankful for this forum, and sometimes just knowing someone is out there to hear our pain, can make a difference. Here for you any time you are feeling alone. With caring thoughts to all. X Sister2

This community makes me feel like there are others out there like me… yes I actually feel like an alien since my mother and brother died … I am only 42 so not many of my friends know what to say of how to react. Some look at me like I have just landed from outer space. Nobody knows what to say … I find grief very very isolating. Take Care all - we are all in this together xxx

Hey Sister2 … hope your hanging in in there x

Thank you Charlie H. January is so dark and bleak, and 7 months and 1 week on, I miss my sister more and more. I look ahead and there is my birthday, the date of her death, and her birthday. I wonder how I will get through even the first 1/2 of the new year. Like you, I feel like an “Alien,” and different from those around me who are not living this nightmare. Warm thoughts to you. Xxx Sister2

You will get through it … just take one day at a time. One minute at a time if necessary. They way I try to cope with it is I never look too far ahead otherwise I start to panic. I too look at others and feel almost angry that they are not feeling the pain I am … but everybody has their own things going on and their own demons. I’m always here if you want to talk. Much love x

Thank you, you are right Charlie H, We only have today and it does not help to look too far ahead. Grief is so isolating and makes one feel so disconnected from everyone around us. I hope you are finding some moments of solace in your days. Here for you as well. Take care. Sister2 Xxx

When I’m working or cleaning or running or doing anything like that I can switch my brain off a bit … it’s times like when I’m in my car on my own or when I’m trying to drop to sleep that horror of it all kicks in :frowning: have you tried counselling at all ? I can’t face it … i guess I don’t see how it can help … does that make sense ? This feels like something that can’t be fixed. I don’t mean to sound negative but I think time is the only thing that might make the pain ease a bit … I listen to people’s conversations but I feel like I’m sort of blankly smiling. It literally goes in one ear and out the other. I’ve also got really tough. I used to be really sensitive but everything that has happened has literally knocked that out of me. Do you have any other siblings at all ? Do you still have your parents?

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