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Hello everyone,
Not sure really what to say, other than our 30 year old son, Todd died on 15th Dec 2021 from a gunshot - he was in Iraq, We aren’t sure how it happened yet- inquest will be next year, he had just turned 30, had been married for 5 years and they were expecting their first child just 5 weeks after Todd died.
Our daughter in law Rachel is amazing and has somehow managed to cope ok and we have our amazing grandson, but Flipping heck I miss my boy still as much today as when it happened


Hello @LouiseW1, I am glad you have found our community, but so sorry for the loss of your son Todd that brings you here. Losing a child at any age is devastating and many of our members will understand what you’re going through.

Are you getting any support to help you with your grief? You might want to take a look at the Compassionate Friends site -it’s for families who have lost a child of any age. 0345 123 2304 Sue Ryder offer free online bereavement counselling, which is held via video chat.

We also have a long-running support thread for parents who have lost children here which you may find helpful: Loss of our son aged 27

Keep reaching out and take care,

Hi Louise so sorry for your loss I do hope you get answers I do know how you feel the loss is so devastating and you will pray never feel normal again I miss my daughter s Katie and Leah. Leah died to to an aggressive cancer this Jan I’m totally heartbroken it started with breast cancer which turned into stage 4 liver cancer she was 25 yrs old and leave s a 3 yr old son and partner it took her quite quickly but she fought to the end I miss her terribly I come on here alot they are very supportive on here I do hope you can find comfort on here. Take care shellyanne xx :bouquet::two_hearts:

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