Nice weather making me worse

Dear Sheila, What a wonderful thought. If we could turn back time! Oh well, no point moping! I need to get on with some jobs or I shall succumb to sadness in a big way instead of just as normal!
I hope you are in the garden with a tall drink and happy memories! x


Oh my goodness! You have just reminded me of the sugar water petticoats! I had forgotten all about them! Yes, they were so uncomfortable but at that age, we would do anything to look good! I miss the way we dressed then. It was very feminine and I felt a million dollars in my clothes. Like you, I had a mum who made lots of my clothes too! Perhaps most girls did in those days? xx

Dear @Lonely

The love of my life has died. How can I ever be free to live again?

Exactly… sadly so very true.


Hi , no I haven’t read, I will now.
I have thought about sparing him the pain though .
Thank you :hugs:

Have read it now, and it is very good
Thank you for sharing it with us all

I can totally relate, I lost my husband last year he was 33, now it’s just me and my 8 yr old. Seeing families everywhere I go makes me feel so envious I think why us then I feel guilty for feeling like this. But as you say have to do these things x

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I’m so sorry for what you are now having to live with, at such a young age with a young child.
My heart goes out to you.
No words can help, nothing can really.
But a big virtual hug for you…just know that all though all our stories are often very different , our grief in losing our soulmates is similar. We share many feelings , thoughts and emotions

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