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Following on from the previous posts about a meet up, when allowed, for anyone in the North West. I think it’s probably most central to choose Manchester but if everyone adds where they are from we can ascertain most suitable area. I don’t know a suitable place as I’m not local so all ideas could be discussed on this conversation.
I’m from Blackpool, widowed in November and the heartbreak is as fresh as all those weeks ago. I’d love to talk to like minded people going through the same emotions and hopefully find support and strength from others
Donna x


Thankyou for starting this new posting, I am from Preston, yes I think to talk with others who are going through this pain will help each and everyone of us, I also lost my wonderful wife in November, trying everything to carry on, we all know how hard that is.


Hi, I’m in the North West (Manchester). I’m here as I’ve lost both parents, not a spouse. But still would like to take part in meet ups as I feel extremely alone with grief. I don’t have anyone who understands. My sister doesn’t speak about our parents passing, so I literally have no one.

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You have us.
x x

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It really will help to talk and have support from those going through the same. Regardless whether you have lost a parent, spouse, child, brother, auntie grief remains the same. I hope reading or responding on here will help the process for you
Donna x

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Thank you both :heart:

I would be interested in this, I’m in Greater Manchester.


If it’s in Manchester or Liverpool there is a chance I’ll come. Warrington would be most likely for me. I also live in Gtr Manchester.


This is why we need to start now, we live in different parts of the north west, the meeting place can move so it is accessible to all but not all needs to come at every get together, does that make sense?

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I’m in Wigan and am happy to help organise just let me know x

Hi in Leicestershire would love to meet up or chat to anyone near xx

I’m in Kingsbury not far from Tamworth a meet is a great idea x

Yes would be lovely to meet up x

Donnamol hi I started the original post about meeting up “just an idea” thank you so much for extending that post . It’s so important to talk and who better than someone else who knows and understands how you are feeling .
Given what we have all had to go through this year we need contact more than ever . Thanks again and I hope you go all go on to make happy memories take care stay safe Karen❤️


Hello everyone. It’s a beautiful sunny day, to some it’s uplifting, to others, less so. This topic and Kazzer’s topic, ‘Just and idea’, is proving just as uplifting as a beautiful sunny day. At the moment all members are adhering to Priscilla’s guidelines posted June 2020 https://community.sueryder.org/pub/terms-conditions#public-community, to anyone thinking of posting, please take a minute beforehand to read these notes on how to post safely online.
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Hi everyone, just to add to Audrey’s comment, I wanted to share my response that I posed in the Just an idea thread.

I’ve noticed a few comments mentioning where you live and as a public forum, anyone could see this information and possibly identify you. To help you stay safe online it might be best to disclose these details privately to each other over PMs. This then gives you a bit more safety that your information about where you live is only being shared with the person you would like.

You may also like to have a quick read of our terms and conditions which also has a few tips about online safety such as this one below:

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Me too, also in Gtr Manchester

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I live in Greater Manchester and love the idea of regular meet ups. Wigan or Manchester ok to me. Please let me know.